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Jeffersonboth were within this group of people. Most planters were also very active entrepreneurs, who wouldengage in quick profit type situations which would help them make more money on top of the plantationprofits made for them by their slaves. Although their main means of money and profit was the forcedlabor unit of slavery on the plantations, these other quick scheme ideas forced planters into believingthat slave holding was more profitable. Therefore an increase in the !amount of slaves doing work on plantations was evident due to its profitability for planters and farmersand the control on labor. Controlling labor in the South, became an entity upon which no plantation could survive without. TheSouthern Master had many slaves who he expected to do enormous amounts of work

all for the Master s gain. Consequently a capitalistic lifestyle had absorbed and encouraged slavery. The resultant fortunes forwhich Planters and Farmers had flow into their pockets, was because of slavery and slave-holding. A smallcommercial bourgeoisie was created from slavery and the ideology of capitalism was the root ofconstruction. Perhaps if it weren t for capitalism and the expansion by British gentry slavery caused bycapitalism would never have happened.