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The American Scholar Essay, Research Paper According to Ralph Waldo Emerson, the American Scholar is one whose individual character is split. The Emersonian character is made up of many different parts, therefore influenced by several aspects of everyday life. As Emerson states, ?Man is priest, and scholar, and statesman, and producer, and soldier. In the divided or social state, these functions are parceled out to individuals, each of whom aims to do his stint of the joint work, whilst each other performs his? (294). One can easily relate one?s own life to each of these characteristics as it is evident what Emerson is stating. As man is both one of each person, he is all of them combined. As Emerson describes the influences on man as parceled persons of society, it seems as

if he is describing professions. However, it is clear that Emerson is using the professions of the priest, scholar, statesman, producer and soldier as metaphors for the characteristics of the individual. Each of these professions are influenced by what Emerson describes as educational inspiration by nature, books and action. As a priest, the individual is learning though books and action. One who preaches and believes in what is learned will ultimately receive the most beneficial and experiential education. The scholar is the common collegiate individual who envelops one?s self in study. Although the influences of action and nature may play a part in the life of the scholar, nevertheless, it is books that influence this aspect of one?s educational life. However, as Emerson

explains, ?Meek young men grow up in libraries, believing it their duty to accept the views which Cicero, which Locke, which Bacon have given, forgetful that Cicero, Locke and Bacon were only young men in libraries when they wrote these books? (297). Here, one can see that Emerson is saying that one must not simply take in the ideas which books present, but rather to inspire one?s own thoughts and principles. The statesman provides an example of a highly regarded leader, political or not, who is devoted to public service. The action influence of one?s personal education is evident here, for it is in the actions that the statesman provides such public service. These actions do not only provide a positive influence on the experiential education of other scholars, but also

contribute to the intellect of the speaker. The actions of the statesman provide a display of the effects of a scholar who is both learning and teaching at the same time. The term producer can be interpreted in several different ways. A producer is one who supplies a given group with a certain good or service. Perhaps one can view the Emerson ?producer? as the successful American scholar. As the individual is a gainer of knowledge on the whole, the production is the scholar later in life as the teacher. Emerson explains how it is not only the pupil who learns from the teacher, but the same process works in reverse order. Every moment the teacher is instructing, the teacher is learning from the student. In society, people learn from one another every day. A scholar from any field

must be dedicated and have honor toward themselves in order to achieve scholarship in education. Emerson describes the soldier in society as part of every individual. The soldier takes all of the aspects that Emerson describes. The soldier learns from books, then acts upon what he or she learns and performs that action, in the field, or as Emerson describes, nature. The soldier proves to be the optimal example of Emerson?s ?American Scholar.? The soldier has honor, devotion, and discipline; all characteristics that can be extremely beneficial to the scholar. The student can learn from the solder by applying what is learned in the classroom to the world outside. As each of these characteristics are a part of the individual, each person has their respective place in society. With