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revolution started gradually, seeing that all the nations wanted to stop France from succeeding, but France soon gained control over their country. After gaining power over their country, they gained power over a lot of Europe. This era was called the Age of Napoleon. Napoleon had a strategic mind, which made him a brilliant military leader. After leading his men in taking back France, he went after Europe. Once he conquered a great deal of Europe, he went after Russia. This decision would lead to his downfall. When he would go to attack, Russia would retreat, burning their land as they went back. Finally, when Napoleon?s army reached Moscow, Russia?s capital, they found a burned up deserted capital. Knowing that winter was coming, Napoleon ordered a retreat. The call for retreat

was too late. His troops were not fit to take on the harsh winters of Russia. So while he was in retreat, the Russian army attacked him. Since they knew how to survive the icy winters of their country, they easily defeated the French, killing hundreds of thousands of the French soldiers. The French army escaped Russia with less then 100,000 men. When Napoleon arrived at his empire, it was in shambles. Most of the states had revolted against his rule. The state leaders wanted him dead, but instead he was banished. The American Revolution started out with the people wanting to be independent. The French Revolution started out when there was riots in the street, and they attacked a fort to free the prisoners who didn?t pay there taxes. The French people thought the taxes were to

high and did not want to pay them. All revolutions start out with what the people want. The people are the basis of a country or a colony. The people have to agree with everything or they will do something to change it to what they want.