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with, it does not necessarily explain how he comes to a position on issues and deals with problems. The behavior of a President can only be explained as a combination of many factors. His personal politics and approach to the power of the Presidency will explain if he will try to lead the whole government and beyond that the whole nation, or if he will act as a clerk, putting into action the orders of Congress. A Presidents character and style of leadership are an important factor in his approach to leadership. The size and duty of the Federal Government also effect a President’s behavior and the priorities of his office. Finally a President must react to events at home and abroad which are out of his control. The pressures that these events and the public reaction to them

probably have the greatest influence over his behavior and decisions. Actions and behavior of a President are the result of a complex set of circumstances. No one criteria can be used to explain the behavior of the president in any event. Democracy, a noble idea, is based in the belief that people can govern themselves without a monarchy or ruling class. People can choose, and by that power of choice, decide the direction and quality of their lives. Athenian democracy, destroyed before it had time to flourish, planted this notion in mankind. American democracy extended their ideas and has since kept on refining the notion that all men are created equal and should have a voice in their destiny. This distinction, however, appears to be a tainted view of an unrealistic world, sought

after by most Americans. An example of this claim can be seen by viewing the current president of an example of our democracy. In a democracy, the majority decide the outcome of political matters, such as the position of president, but in our most recent election, the majority voted for Al Gore, yet George Bush was elected due to a rule that was made to keep slave states from having too much power that decides votes by states rather than individuals.