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the Nazis. The much-sought-after religious artifact is not easily found. When it is finally found its powers are a bit too much for those impure in heart. As expected, the Jones family and companions prevail in the end and ride off into the sunset together (Ebert NP). Indy rescues his father and accomplishes his primary goal and then defeats evil by out smarting them and showing a pure heart. Again, Indiana is showing the attributes of an American hero. These films show a get deal of heroism by Indiana Jones by evading danger, finding trust in his faithful companions, being smarter than the enemy, and always ending well. The viewers are left with thoughts of bravery in themselves after reading the book or watching the movie. Though Indiana isn t faultless he is still portrayed as

one of the greatest heroes of all time. These films allow viewers to fall into the story and feel as though they are there with Indiana. They are astonished by every escape that is made and every idea he conjures up. Each movie that Indiana Jones appears in grosses over $175,000,000 and is one the highest grossing films of all times. Proof that the public views Indiana as there favorite American hero. Natty Bumppo was viewed as the American hero of his time because of his acts of heroism by displaying bravery, never making a mistake, having a loyal companion, escaping physical danger, and always prevailing in the end. Indiana Jones also has many of these characteristics. Because of Indiana s fear of snakes, he isn t faultless; and this fear inhibits him from giving a perfect

performance. Ever since he was an adolescent, Indy has feared snakes. But, as he grew older, he must cross snake-infested tombs and forest. This quality is admired by the audience because Indy is seen as being imperfect. This appeals to the audience since they are imperfect as well and they can relate to his fears. The imperfection of Indiana makes the story all the more believable. In both novels, the characters are attempting to assist the same groups of people. In every Leatherstocking Tale, Natty either has a Native companion, or is trying to rescue them. In The Temple of Doom, Indiana agrees to help an Indian tribe rescue their children and retrieve their sacred jewel. Also, both characters are seen during there childhood. This gives explanations for some of the

characteristics in both heroes. The Indiana Jones character faces danger much more often than does Natty Bumppo, which maybe a sign of what the future will bring. Since Indiana Jones, the heroes have become more action related and have had less emphasis on plot and story line. Seems the viewers and readers alike demand to see battles and wars which only show violence and the onslaught of evil in there heroic literature and movies. These stories and movies are becoming increasingly popular and, as shown in recent comic books and movies, the future of action literature seems to depict the American hero of the future as only muscles and a thirst for blood. Natty Bumppo s and Indiana Jones s characteristics are very similar. They both show incredible bravery by coming to the aid of

strangers and friends when they are in grave danger. Both characters always have faithful companions who are with them throughout their journey. They always find a way out of danger by conjuring up the most effective plans for the situation at hand and in the end always escapes the villains. The heroes death is never caused by the enemy and the adventure always ends well. Though the future may bring a new breed of heroes to the public, Natty Bumppo and Indiana Jones will always be remembered, by all who may of read of them, as the true American Hereos.