The American Dream Is Based On Success

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The American Dream Is Based On Success, Happiness, And Money Essay, Research Paper The American Dream Is Based on Success, Happiness, and Money I believe that the American Dream today is based on success, happiness, and money. The reason i think this is because the reason people go through all those years of schooling is to become succufal, in return for being successful you make money, and because of money you can get and do the things you want, which in return makes you happy. Happiness is not all money, it also has to do with love. Lets first start off talking aboutnthe success, and money part. American children start school at the tender age of four. In pre school you are taught to get along with other kids, and to share, and color in the lines. In Kindergarten You first

get an intro. to reading and write-in, and in some schools a little simple addition, and subtreacing. Then from there you move on to grade school, first grade through fifth grade. These years you are taught lot of math, reading, writing, and also penmanship in script. You also get a taste of history. When you get to middle school you learn more in depth about everything you learned in earlier years. Finally in High School, everything you have learned is intensified, and you get prepared for collage, and learn more of everything. Then you have to make a decision, If you want to be Successful and make Lot of MONEY you have to go to collage, for a nether four years, at the end of that ordeal you can settle in with Bachelors degree, or a nether one or two for a masters. This will

bring a decent income. But if you want the really good jobs you need nether three or four years to get a doctorate degree, or a law degree. What I have just described is what a modern American kid has to go through to be considered suscefull and to have money, I mean we are talking about 22 tears of different types of school. this almost thirty percent of your life spent in school so the rest of your years can be good ones. Lastly I will discuss happiness. Many people think haplessness revolves around money, and many people don’t. I personally think it does to a certain degree. I think you don’t need to be rich or successful to be loved and have a nice family. However I do think you need money to go where you want to go, as in vacations, and you do need money to get the

things you want, such as a nice size house, a nice car, and possible a boat. I am not saying that you need this to be happier, but it could, and probably may you happier. In conclusion I believe that all people do not need to be successful to be rich and happy, but I think It defiantly helps.