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much better number of economic options . By 1984 only a little over half of the African Americans 25 years of age or older had graduated from high school and only around eight percent had finished college. In the University of Arizona the total percent of African American enrolling is 2.51 percent. The total minority percentage is 22.62. After seven years only 37 percent of African Americans had graduated. In UC Berkeley the percent of freshmen of African descent graduating within six years of entry in 1980 was 37.7. To get out of a predicament as one of the size that the African Americans have to deal with, education could be a very helpful and a critical element to accomplish what they want and need. Blacks are the largest minority, but they have the least percentages in

universities. With role models like the rappers, young black Americans see on television one could never expect to see a black person get out of the ghetto. Not only is the richest one fifth of blacks earn 50 percent of the total income of the black community, but one third of African Americans are worse off economically today than since Martin Luther King died in 1968 . There is still a very large inequality among blacks. With an education, discipline, and motivation, blacks could overcome anything: prejudice, segregation, poverty, and racial inequality. To succeed, they must give up their attitude of “this can only be solved with violence” stereotype and the typical “I don’t care.” Barbara Ransby of the University of Illinois at Chicago states that “the connection

between racism and class discrimination in this country has always been deep and intricate, after all, slavery is where it all began.” As long as this keeps happening, America will continue to treat blacks by their color, not character . What the Black Americans can do to make their situation for the better It is appaling to realize the number of pathetic people who are hampered and made miserable by the malady popularly called the inferior complex . This is what the African american community is suffering from, so it may seem like the best thing for them to do is go to a phycologist. Unfortunately it seems a lot easier than truly is, and the pride of the community will prevent it from happening. And we all know that the economic status of many black americans will keep this

from happening. So what can the African Americans do to change their social status? Work. This is the only thing that anyone can do, but this is exceptionally difficult because there is an entire group of millions of people that must work. This work is not the typical kind of work, it is a struggle for social equality. The situation isn’t the same as it had at one time been and people are not as prejudice as the had once been.