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pants, waving his hands in the air making gang signs, talking about the ghetto lifestyle, and making anti-police remarks. What they do not realize is that the only thing they are doing is making life harder for other blacks, the middle class seeking the American dream. This happens because other people see this and will make a judgement on black people only by what they have seen, not what they have experienced. The media will always be a problem for African Americans. It is not until the whole world changes that blacks can finally have a piece of the American dream. It would be much easier if the black man would change, but the media also gives the message that nobody likes change. People want to live their lives believing that all black people are evil, and that they are

dangerous. People need a scapegoat, someone to point their finger at so they can say to themselves “look how good I am, and look how bad they are.” Some people have never even experienced the company of a black man, some people only know about African Americans what they have seen on the television and heard on the radio, which is usually not positive. “The historical and cultural legacies of Africans and Americans of African descent have been distorted by massive propaganda campaigns based on mythical stories and notions, commonly held to be true but without factual basis” . A good example of this is rap music. Rap music will forever be connected to the streets, drugs, and the ghetto. In the late eighties the popularity of rap began rise to the top of the music charts.

Rap began to reach its true form with the “gangster rap”. This type of rap speaks mainly about the ghetto situation- “Compton is the city I’m from, can’t never leave the crib without a murder weapon ” The pioneers of rap include Dr. Dre, whose group N.W.A. (Niggaz With Attitude) was the first rap group to bring the sound of the street to the american mainstream with songs whose lyrics include. Their music videos premiered on MTV and were soon banned due to the violence and gang situations in which these black men were associated with. With popular songs such as “f*ck the police” it is not surprising that many white americans thought that this would be a very bad influence on their children. When people listen to this kind of music they do not receive the same

message that blacks get when they listen to it and these people are quick to judge on what they have heard from a commercialized song. As long as people keep looking down on blacks as dangerous, poor, worthless, dirty, useless, shameful, socially irresponsible, and acknowledging their skin color a different tone and regarding its difference as something of importance the black community will never be able to prosper nor reach the American dream. Many will never be able to get the nice little house with the white picket fence, a good job, or an honest living. Much of this is caused and even encouraged by the pop-culture of this era. On the one side there is the negrophobia motivated by the white culture and encouraged by many people in schools, at home, and on the streets. This is

very detrimental for the African Americans’ chance at the American dream because of the racial hatred that is built up by this negrophobia. On the other side there is the negrophiliac MTV culture that promotes the stereotypical urban criminal nigger attitude instead of the middle class black American. This is the class that is often deprived of they deserve, what all Americans are entitled to, and is even guaranteed to the people, the pursuit of happiness. Even though there have been many stumbling stones in the path of the African Americans’ quest for the American dream, there is no one to blame but the blacks themselves. There is no surprise that it can only be blamed, not on the supremacist white man that holds the African Americans down in the ghettos, but on the so

called “niggers”, the stereotypical urban gangster, ignorant, and the one many blacks try to follow or imitate. It cannot come as a shock to anyone that there is everlasting black-on-black crime since Africans had been trading their own people since the 1600s with the Europeans for things such as rum, cloth, and guns . Since the beginning of time, humans have been playing the blame-game with each other. Many African Americans blame their economical, social, and racial problems and the white Americans. Who is really to blame? The majority of the population of prisons is African Americans . Blacks are the largest minority nevertheless many live in poverty and despair . A crucial element for the achievement of African Americans is education. Well-educated African Americans had a