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each other. Toni Collete (Cole s mom) gives an impressive performance despite her rather insignificant role in the movie. Cole s divorced mom is frustrated and yet desperate to help her child. She has also noticed supernatural things about Cole. She constantly asks Cole to tell her why is he scared but Cole does not reveal his secret for her until the end of the movie. The final scene, when Cole finally tells his mom that he can see the dead, is an unforgettable and deeply emotional scene. Both Osment and Collete give an astounding performance throughout the movie, particularly in the final scene. Foreshadows and clues play an important role in this movie. James Newton Howard provides a soundtrack that does an excellent job in setting the mood and foreshadowing different events

in the movie. The color red is specifically used throughout the movie every time there is connection with the supernatural. It is the amazing final twist of the story that makes the all the connections and puts everything together in an unexpected way. Every scene that was questionable the first time will make perfect sense if the movie is viewed for a second time. The Sixth Sense has a lot of things to say. Its surprising ending reminds us that things are not always the way they appear to be and our understanding could be wrong. Writer/director M. Night Shyamalan has crafted a complex story that carries you along each time it changes direction. The Sixth Sense is an intelligent thriller that might have you doubting it at the halfway point; however, all but the most cynical will

have their doubts blown away by the remarkable turns of events in its second half. It is a very successful movie and definitely worth watching several times. 332