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fire of his tortured soul, which drags him into the cave. In the darkness he feels things such as self-pity, depression, and a great deal of guilt. These are the times that try men’s souls. There are three options, endeavor to climb, return to the wall, or resign to self-destruction. The rest is where it becomes hazy in my mind. How can I put into my own words what I have not discovered, what I have no understanding of? The man climbs, and he does feel pain in the aimless wandering, but the tunnel is a very subjective place. It can be either heaven or hell, depending on the mind of the man. Hope waxes and wanes, and the first view of the light is a critical point in his journey. Through all the lies and false “faces” of God, how can one recognize the truth when they see it

with their own eyes (own minds). For me, soul resonance is the key, I listen to all the conceptions of God, keep an open mind and remember what resonates. Most of the time, it seems I am merely whittling away using what I know God is not. I fear, of course that when I finish whittling, there will be nothing left, but the Truth is of highest priority. Plato divides Everything into two worlds, and each of these two worlds into two subsections. The lowest section is the World of Images. If I tell you that money will bring you happiness, and you decide to believe what I have said with no previous knowledge of either happiness or money, you have been exposed to the lowest World. Up one level is the World of Objects. If I give you some money, you can touch it, fold it, eat it,

whatever. You learn that you can buy things with this money, or you can deposit it in a bank. You have experienced the Physical world. In the World of Lower Forms, the next higher world, we have archetypal molds for all these physical objects. There is a mold for the ideal human, a human that has ALL characteristics. At the same moment he/she has blue eyes, brown eyes, green eyes, etc. The model has all forms of eyes imaginable, all types of hair imaginable, etc. This world is a world of perfection, filled with perfect triangles, perfect time, etc. In this world an equilateral triangle has three sides, all equal, and three angles, all exactly 60 degrees. It is within this realm we delve while doing mathematical calculations. The highest realm is the World of the Higher Forms. A

realm of Absolute Truth, where there are no interpretations, only complete Forms, which the mind can only grasp in its full complexity. The worlds together form a logical outline displaying levels of truth from lowest opinion to highest form. The two lowest levels are usually occupied by common man. While working with mathematics, one can venture into the third level. And only when we can stare directly into the sun with our archetypal eyes can we conceive of the highest world. From a spiritual standpoint, the Allegory of the Cave is a narrative of one man’s journey to the light. He exists in a state of Becoming (the lowest two levels of truth), and proceeds toward the ultimate Truth and Enlightenment, much like The Buddha. From a political standpoint, it is an outline of a

society’s transformation to perfection. A tale of a society’s realization of the falsehoods absorbed within it. It is a place where every person experiences true freedom, and where the Good rule, where the Low are converted from animal to Soul. The purpose of the Allegory of the Cave, I believe, is twofold. To help make people aware of the fact that they live within those lower levels of truth, and that there are higher truths. And also to help the ones who are lonely, dirty, almost broken. These lost ones who have just begun their journey and are losing hope, a reminder that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 350