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creation of the New Yorker as well as the Round Tables role in Franklin P. Adams “Conning Tower” column in the Tribune. Besides the mention of something benefiting the hotel, the site also mentioned how the member’s opinions affected writers such as F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemmingway. A site like this could be improved a great deal simply by including hot links to members of the Round Table; it was not the table that made the hotel famous, it was the writers. I feel in this situation research from some other source, like a magazine or encyclopedia would have proved to be more useful. However due to the limited coverage of the topic on the Internet I decided to use the site. The last site that I discovered came from the National Portrait Gallery. The site proved to be

useful not only because there was information about that Round Table, but it also had caricatures of the more famous members. The caricatures gave me a hint as to the type of people that were members of the Round Table. Aside from the caricatures, the information was no different from the other information gathered on my search. As a whole however, the site discussed useful and credible information. The one major flaw in the site was it offered no hot links to any other possible useful site. The site offered a little more than basic information on the topic. The search done on the Algonquin Round Table had limited success. The sites put forth were some of the most credible sites that the Internet had to offer. This conclusion was reached after examining about ten different search

engines. Although the success of the search was limited, the success of the Round Table was one notable factor in the project. The Round Table and its constituents proved to influence a whole literary genre. Their witty, straight and simply written entertainment allowed the Round Table to continue influencing writing long after its ten-year duration.