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“I”, not knowing the events that had taken place in the past, did not give into her argument. Sensei and “I” are both very similar in terms of how they both try to rationalize and attempt to convince others with their own knowledge. They both struggle when they are faced with arguments that they cannot rationalize. They are very egotistical in the sense that they try to over rule the other’s belief with their arguments. When Sensei realized that his egoism had driven K to his suicide, he fell into a deep regression, which then drove him to commit suicide. It seemed as if “I” was tracking Sensei’s path for they were very alike as people. Although the story ended without going any further, I predict that “I” will end his life the same way Sensei did: committing

suicide. This story definitely has a direct relation to the author Natsume Soseki’s life, for he ends his life by killing himself too. This story’s major theme, egoism, is directly connected to us. We all are egotistical as Sensei and “I” are. Since childhood, we are all trained to rise above another in order to succeed. In school, we are trained everyday on how can we get a better grade than others. This concept does not halt after childhood, but it continues on throughout one’s entire life. When we apply for jobs, we try to make ourselves as impressive as possible. The practice to rise above another feeds our egoism to its maximum strength. We do whatever we feel in order to give good impression to others. I feel strongly against to this idea, for I believe in virtue.

I feel that everybody would be happier if we just showed a little more care for each other.