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The Airline Industry Essay, Research Paper On December 17, 1903, two men changed the way of travel forever. No, I am not talking about cars or trains. I am talking about one of the greatest inventions of the twentieth century. Wilbur and Orville Wright invented flight. (Grolier, 1999) This invention sparked a concept of traveling in the air. This kind of travel would allow people to get from one place to another quickly. It would save time and money. If a person could travel for Los Angles to New York in one day, it would be a something that was never heard of. A person could even travel across the ocean to other countries. During that age, flight was very exciting and important. It was a new concept for the world. It was an important concept that they did not realize at that

time. They did not understand that the dream that they had would someday revolutionize the way that we travel. Airlines are still a very important part of our world’s economy. In fact, the world would not function without them. People from every country use airplanes. An airline company has to be able to handle different cultures, ethnic groups, and financial groups. They also need to be able to handle the growth of passengers for the coming years. Mike Beirne says that U.S. Department of Transportation statistics suggest that international passenger traffic may actually increase. (Brandweek 1999) When you look at all of these factors, you can see that the coming years are going to be a role coaster for the airline industry. The airlines company that suite the majority of these

people will get the bulk of the business. Because of this there are going to be many changes in the airline industry. The airline business is going to have a marketing frenzy. We can expect every company to make changes to their current planes. The reason that they are going to make changes is that they will want more of the business. If a company does not change, they will be left behind and eventually be put out of business. In this paper, I will show you different marketing techniques that will win over travelers. One Marketing strategy that airline carriers are implementing into their airplanes is a better seat. Mike Beirne say’s, “Not those skinny torture chairs that force passengers’ knees up to their ears when the person sitting in front leans back, but rather the

cushy kind, with lumbar supports, headrest and greater pitch so road warriors can sleep in bliss during a 20-hour flight to Hong Kong.” (Brandweek 1999) You know what he is talking about; he is talking about those two by fours that are surround by fabric. Instead of having these kinds of seats, airline companies are making the seats more comfortable. They are also making them more convenient to all that want to flight in them. Frequent travelers select an airline company that has comfort and hospitality almost before they select a company with a good safety and on-time performance. My dad is a good example of this kind of person. When my dad is looking at what airplane to use he usually looks at a plane that is comfortable. My dad is a big man and he needs a lot of room so this

is very important. He also looks at the safety record of that company, but he a lot of the time looks at comfort first. The reason that he does this is because all companies are safe. If they were not safe, they would not be able to be in business. Airline companies are spending a lot of money to adopt this knew marketing strategy. They are starting to understand that travelers want more luxuries and comfort. People in today’s society want more comfort then did in the past. Because of this concept, airline companies can bump up their prices and still have people wanting to flight. Southwest Airlines is one of the airline companies that are looking at a different marketing strategy. One way in which they are doing this is by implementing a program that was introduced in 1991.