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motor-boats and plan an attack – in spite of the white flag. But when they see the white flag come down and mount again, they know the ship wants a parley. The lieutenant – commander decides to overtake this dangerous task, to go there in a small native boat. After the parley the Louisa turns away toward the German shore and the lieutenant-commander comes back from his mission in the native boat. On the bottom of that boat there are two passengers: a woman and a man. A surgeon examines them and thinks they will be alright in one or two hours. The lieutenant-commander informs that the woman must be a missionary woman and the Louisa found her away somewhere on the lake trying to escape here. The officers ask questions about the Louisa, the crew and the equipment. They also ask

if the Germans have made any preparations to resist a Belgian landing on their shore. But the officers can’t learn much by the 2 prisoners. The next day, the two motor-boats started an attack against the Louisa. The Louisa is not really designed as a warship. So the motor-boats succeed with some skill, but easily destroy the Louisa. The lieutenant-commander looks for a sign of surrender but he can’t find one. The fight goes on until the big ship falls over to one side, then the motor-boats rescue the last living soldiers. Although he is proud naval success, the young officer has some worries: He has to act and sends Rose and Charlie with a Belgian escort down to the coast, where they will find a British consul. Form the West Coast they will be able to get back to England.

Ruse thinks about her future and she can’t imagine a separation from Charlie. So she proposes Charlie that they have got to get married. Charlie to think over the actual situation: work, money etc. He also thinks about the girl he had married 12 years ago when he was 18. But he agrees with Rose. So they leave the lake and begin a new life in a new country. Overall, “The African Queen” is a funny, heart warming, beautifully described and social novel, with an unoverwhelmingly happy end. - THE END - Characterization of Rose: She is the Sister of Reverent Samuel Sawyer. You have to distinguish her character before her travel and after because her character makes an interesting development. At first she is prim, spinster and utterly dependent on her brother. Rose had been

accustomed all her life to follow the guidance of another but never herself. This could be explained with the class of society where she comes from, in which women obey to their husband’s opinions. She is also bound to the Church and has to behave very pious. The first time she is thinking of herself is on “The African Queen”. From that point her character begins to change. Rose, just suffering the grief of her brother’s death blames indirectly the German for that event. The Germans make her furious and she feels, the very first time, a kind of patriotism. She is determined upon doing something for England. During the travel, Charlie Allnutt is, with the exception of some enemy soldiers, the only man she meets. This causes, in the course of time, some kind of sexual

desire but also, when they quarrel, fear of sexual harassment. Rose develops to a strong and resolute character, both in overcoming great dangers and in private life. Characterization of Charlie: Charlie Allnutt is the owner of a ramshackle launch steamer called “The African Queen” and he is also not very skilled in the English language. He lives alone and Rose is the first woman the is interested in. Actually he is married, but this was a long time ago and so he don’t care about it. But he is also an realist and he thinks about his actions. The marriage with Rose is not only a love-marriage, he realises that he has no job no money and no future without Rose. Cecile Scott Forester – curriculum vitae - C.S. Forester was born in Cairo in 1899. His father was stationed there

as a government official. He studied medicine at Guy’s Hospital but he left Gey’s without getting doctor’s degree. From that moment he began to start he writing career. His first important success was the novel “Payment Deferred”. In 1932 Forester was offered a Hollywood contract. Until 1939 he spent a lot of time in America. During the war he entered the Ministry of Information and later he went to the Royal Navy to collect materials for his book “The Ship”. Then he made a voyage to the Bering Sea to gather material for a similar book on the United States Navy. During this trip he was stricken with Arteriosclerosis, a disease with left him crippled. But he continued to write and created his book “Captain Hornblower”. He died in 1966.