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affirmative action only when the credentials of applicants are equal. Cosner notes: Because affirmative action provokes volatile and nationwide controversy, higher education programs should be refined to emphasize characteristics indicative of scholastic achievement, and to emphasize race or ethnicity less. (1003-1004) This would be ideal and more importantly decrease discrimination. Another alternative might be for admission policies to consider factors that may have some correlation with race, such as economic disadvantage or geographic location (Sedler 1163). These factors should be applied in a neutral manner and result in a non-minority preference (which would include whites). These types of alternative may offer a solution to the current problem. At its birth, the increased

opportunities given to minorities through affirmative action programs were based on equality. This may no longer be the case. Affirmative action was begun with a good cause in mind….Today, however, it has gotten out of hand (Finley 1). Giving people opportunity based on their membership in a group goes against all possible interpretations of equality. Instead of admitting individuals based on their credentials, it is more of a reference to a minority basis. This should not be the case on college admissions and opportunity. Credentials should be of the utmost importance, not minority standing. By continuing this we are not practicing equality, instead we are practicing discrimination. This is where the whole circle began and we must eventually learn to escape it.