The Affects Of Tabloids On Politics Essay

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The Affects Of Tabloids On Politics Essay, Research Paper In today?s society the media usually dictates the way that we view public figures. These figures include anyone who is in the public eye whether it between musicians, actors, athletes or politicians. Politicians spend much of their time in the spotlight due to the fact that their public exposure, or over-exposure, is usually what is responsible for their current position in the political scheme. Tabloids are part of our American popular culture. Whether we are on line at the supermarket, in a pharmacy, or department store, these outrageous scandals, which are uncovered by the press everyday, are staring us in the face. These papers make their profits by publishing the stories which are not fit to print in the

accredited papers as well as the gossip which is not yet confirmed. The political world is very much affected by this form of press. If someone had a choice of a story which highlighted Clintons foreign policy or a story which outlined the Presidents sexual escapades, which one do you think that they would choose? We all know that scandals draw a lot more attention than almost any form of media by playing on the public appetite for controversy. There are three major tabloids in print which are widely read, the Star, the National Enquirer and Weekly World News. All three of these magazines have featured stories that represent the president in a questionable light and put pressure on him for answers to many accused scandals. Over the years the tabloids have brought out the worst

part of American politics. They have shown the side of politicians that you are not supposed to see, the skeletons that they hide in their closets. These ?scandal sheets? have uncovered things that the public would have never found out. On the other hand, if you catch them on an off day, they might actually print emotional stories which show a good perspective on the politician. However, most of the stories that are run within the tabloids happen to be stories of deceit that happen to show how that public official is a liar or a cheat. One of the most popular tabloid stories in the past couple of years is about Monica Lewinsky, who had an affair with our President, within the oval office. All in all this was a big blow to the president seeing that he was under scrutiny with the

American public for quite sometime. However, the media did not tarnish the image of Ms. Lewinsky to badly: she is making more money now than she was as a White House intern. In the September 26, 2000 issue of the National Enquirer, Monica speaks out concerning the whole situation as well as revealing that she will be hosting her own shown on a British television station named ?Post Cards with Monica?. An article appeared in the November 16, 1998, edition of The Polling Report. The article, which was written by Richard A. Brody, featured important data that shows the affects that the tabloids do have on the political scheme. Brody reported that the September 13, 1998 Washington Post/ABC News Poll found that 77% of the public rejected the notion that the President had "high

personal and ethical standards.? This is one way to look at the whole situation. Yes, indeed the whole Clinton scandal did have a large affect on the way that the American public viewed Clintons morals, but Brody found something even more interesting. In another Washington Post/ABC poll found that after the scandal the percentage of people who thought that President Clinton looked out for and understood their problems raised from 54.9% to 58.9%. So in fact the scandal did not really have that much of an affect on people thoughts on his leadership qualities. Although, not all of the stories within the tabloids are damaging towards the president. Hillary Clinton, the president?s wife, has also been a popular topic in the tabloids. In the October 16, 2000 edition of the National