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The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes Essay, Research Paper The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes The two main characters of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes are Dr. John Watson and Sherlock Holmes. They are both complex characters in their own ways, though Holmes is more mysterious. This may be because Watson narrates the stories, so we can see what he thinks and feels. About Holmes we only see what Watson thinks of him, and what he says. It could be difficult to see why two so very different people are friends, but each has his own reason for continuing the association, based on his personality and what benefits he gets out of working with the other. Dr. Watson is a physician in general, civil practice. He is an old friend and assistant of Holmes’, who shared rooms with Holmes

before his marriage. Watson is not as smart as Holmes, but has his own talents, and is much more down-to-earth. He is more practical than his friend, concerned with details of daily life more than with theories and ideas, though those things hold a distant interest for him. He has his own life, but he is loyal to Holmes because he finds Holmes’ eccentricities and mind interesting, and because they have been friends for some time. Being with Holmes gives him a chance to see the man’s brain, which Watson openly admires, in action, as well. He also gets a chance to test his own mind against the problems they encounter. He seems to enjoy the drama of his friend’s life and work, speaking of Holmes as a fascinating creature, more machine than man at times. Unravelling the mystery

of who Holmes is seems to be one of his main motivations, as well as his own desire for adventure, even if he stays much more grounded than his friend. Sherlock Holmes himself is a detective with an unusual approach and personality. He has mood swings, is addicted to cocaine, plays the violin and makes quick deductions about what he observes that seem like magic to most people. He can be difficult to deal with, going from irritable to playful, and always a few steps ahead of everyone else mentally. It seems that he has trouble keeping himself in check at times, and gets into most trouble when he doesn’t have something to occupy his amazing brain. His past is somewhat mysterious, and though he is clearly a man of many talents – disguise, deduction, music, boxing, and

observation – he can sometimes be ignorant of very basic things. He is also solitary and unemotional, not interested in love, as Watson points out in the first story, A Scandal in Bohemia , saying “All emotions, and that one particularly, were abhorrent to his cold, precise but admirably balanced mind.” (Doyle, p. 7). Holmes is disdainful of society in general, though he usually respects its rules and understands it, if only as an observer. This makes it even more interesting that he seeks to fight crime, and thus protect the society he has little use for. Though he does not always show it, he is loyal to Watson, and finds his assistance as an observer and a person to bounce ideas off of useful. He also enjoys having his own chronicler, thinks Watson is a good listener, and

remarks a few times, whimsically, that without the doctor he would be lost. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is a collection of short stories. These stories are fictional. Each is an account of a case that Sherlock Holmes, alongside Dr. Watson, has worked on. They are mysteries, usually starting with a client coming to see Holmes in his Baker Street rooms, though some have more unusual beginnings, as in The Man With the Twisted Lip where Watson practically stumbles on a case in progress in an attempt to help a patient in his care home from an opium den. These stories are told by Watson, as he follows Holmes’ deductions and work piece by piece until the mystery is solved. Most of the time, Watson knows no more about what is going on than the reader does, as he carefully reports