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in Zwick). He wrote for the regular, average person. Twain refused to sell his book in bookstores, but door to door through subscriptions making it more accessible for average people. Twain once said, “My books are water; those of great geniuses is wine, everybody drinks water” (as quoted in Zwick). His book was not aimed at those who would take offense to abolitionist notions or humor at the expense of Hare-lips, but the common man. According to Brander Matthews, “Old maids of either sex will wholly fail to understand him or to like him or to see his significance and value.” (as quoted in Sloane 10)Critics say about Mark Twain, that his book, “enters as a classic only to explode like a hand grenade with all of these combustible issues” (Shelley Fisher Fishkin as

quoted in Zwick). Huck Finn has managed to remain a piece of classic American literature even in spite of a mountain of unfair criticism. “We must be glad that we have a public commentator like Mark Twain always at hand” (Paine) We should all be glad that we have a “public commentator like Mark Twain” always at hand, and instead of banning his work, we should pay attention to what Twain has to say .