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be savings of $10 billion a year by the year 2015 ( ?directly intercepted solar energy, at present appears to be the most sensible longer-term option. It also, quite uniquely, lacks the problems of environmental thermal pollution because the net rate of solar energy use would be balanced by the rate of solar energy interception…if all the solar energy reaching a 700 by 700 km square of land in the US into electric power at only 1% efficiency, this could meet the total electric power demands in the US today…solar energy could, incidentally, also provide a massive contribution to road transport energy needs without any significant pollution…it seems that the principal obstacle.. is not thelack of scientific knowledge and

technology, but the evident lack of the now urgently needed political will, foresight, and understanding at national government levels worldwide? (Winteringham,p15). He is saying that all we have to do to solve our energy problems is to put PVs on a 700 by 700 km square of land and we will have all the electricity we need. This is figuring on a 1% efficiency rating. Right now, using concentrators, PVs have a efficiency rating of 17% to 30% and above( With all of this information, it is easy to see why photovoltaics may soon be our next energy provider. They are coming down in costs, they are absolutely quiet, they cause no pollution. There is a ton of reasons why we should switch to photovoltaic cells. The only reason they are not the main energy

source is the lack of government will to implement photovoltaics. However, our government will have to find a new energy source when there is no more coal or the OPEC countries gain too much control of the world oil market. This is possible for the OPEC countries because the US accounts for 25 to 30% of total world oil use. Bibliography Ehrlich & Ehrlich Technology Review 1997 Flavin, Christopher Power Surge: Guide to theComing Energy Revolution1989 Flavin and Tunali, Christopher and Odil Climate of Hope 1996 Gervase, Pete source unknown Johansson, Thomas Renewable Energy: Sources for Fuels and Electricity 1993 Lashof, Dan Global Warming Guide 1997 html Milbrath, Lester The Futurist 1994 Scheer, Hermann Solar Manifesto 1993

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