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because of the fact that it is instant gratification. I do agree with what the author is trying to say at the end of the story. He is saying instead of prolonging the inevitable just take you chance at love. Meaning that if Harry had just disclosed his feelings to Amy Wustrin they both wouldn’t have never had to go through an emotional demise. Harry wouldn’t have a heart wrenching nostalgia for Amy. Amy would have never had to put up with a cheating husband. In a book I read called fast times at richmond high, a boy liked this girl and the didn’t hook up till the end. During the movie she was looking for love in all the wrong places. She was having sex with men trying to find love, and ended up getting impregnated and then getting an abortion. The boy thought that she was

really nice, but thought that wouldn’t be interested in him. She found out the hard way that sex doesn’t make someone love you. All the he had to do was explain this to her earlier then she never would have acted out like she did. So all of the emotional pain could have been eliminated if the two of them were informed right. I feel that Harry Trellman was an anylitical introvert and that kept him from finding love from anyone. I made this assumption based on what Harry said “My theorizing had from the beginning come between us”. He also said “I looked so curiously self contained.” I thought that chicago compiled of jewish and polish people. And according to the text there was a man named Hesininger ( jewish) and Adletsky (polish) 31b