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role. The second is the way the actor learns it. The last is the way the actor produces it. In auditioning, it is vital for the actor to feel at ease with handling the role, naturalness of delivery, physical. Vocal, and emotional suitability for the role. All these with a little charm are a must in order for him/her to produce the “magic” which is required for the role. In rehearsing, the actor needs to learn by heart his role, and has to be aquatinted with the character and try his/her best to embody the character in order to reach the ultimate objective of the role. The rehearsal period is a time of experimentation and discovery. The performance, needless to say is the reward for all that the actor has been through. Yet it is not a joke and should never be taken lightly.

For a brilliant rehearsal can crumble before an audience and vice-versa. An actor should control his stage fright and let himself be taken away with his performance with no second thoughts. Presence is the most important factor on stage, and for presence to exist, the actor must be very confident of what he is and what he is doing on stage. Most importantly a performance is not a one way statement given from the stage to the house, it is a two way participatory communication between the actors and the audience. The actors portray their movements and laughs, while the audiences portray their feedback with their silence, laughter, applause and attention. It is very essential to know that an actors performance does not end with the play, it goes on until after the curtain call and

most importantly the actor should learn from one performance and use his acquired knowledge in his next performance. In conclusion, I can say that acting is a life style on its own. As easy as it may seem, the life of an actor is very tough and not always as rewarding as one expects it to be. ” A lifetime professional career in acting is the goal of many but the accomplishment of very few “. Bibliography History of theater theatrical performance The actor’s guide