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now feels as though he will be able to cope with Ethan’s death, which is a very large step for Macon. Throughout the novel, he is afraid to let himself love again, because of what happened with Macon. He seems to push everyone away, and fear commitment, he shows this fear when him and Muriel are discussing getting married, and he says “Muriel, please. I’m not ready for this. I don’t know if I ever will be.”(273) However, if Macon can get cope with Ethan’s death, then maybe he can let himself love again, and get over his fear of commitment, and being hurt. After getting in the cab, Macon sees Muriel waiting for a cab and tells the driver to stop. As the cab stops, a sudden flash of sunlight hits the windshield, and spangles flew across the glass. The spangles were old

water spots, or markings from old leaves, but for a second Macon thought they were something else. “They were so bright and festive, for a moment he thought they were confetti.” The sunshine and confetti both symbolize Macon’s newfound happiness. Sunshine and brightness usually mean that things are starting to look better, and the confetti is a symbol of joy, and happiness, we use confetti at new years and other special occasions to celebrate. The use of these words shows how Macon is happy that he has now moved on, and is getting on with his life. He has left Sarah and is now going to be with Muriel, who he really loves.