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to terribly high costs, and limited access to the best available care in the world. The market system can flourish if their is an abundance of healthcare suppliers, no monopolization of industry, a public informed of their care options, and interchangeable goods within the healthcare market. There are 43 million uninsured people an increase from 39 million last year. This trend of declining health coverage needs to be reversed by making health insurance affordable for hard-working, low-income families because they make up the largest segment of the uninsured. With the absence of nationalized healthcare coverage the less fortunate have a serious difficulty obtaining the care they need and deserve. I would suggest government subsidies sufficient enough to provide a basic plan that

includes hospitalization and physician benefits, as well as discounted prescription drugs. It is my belief that the massive codification of our health care system has made the accessibility and costs less conducive to the needs of deserving Americans. Also I believe that the difficulty of implementing reform to universal coverage is due in part, to the apathy among the majority of people who are currently receiving health coverage. ?Two-thirds of the American people say they favor universal coverage, but the minute you start to spell out what that means — subsidization for the people who are poor and who are sick, and that the plan has to be compulsory — they are less supportive? (Kolata 6). Most people are less likely to support a program that does little in changing their

own healthcare coverage while increasing their taxes. The best way to open the avenues of healthcare coverage is to reduce the amount of government regulation over state initiated inquiry into more effective managed care regulation which would result in better 21st century health management. Nonetheless there should be a social responsibility to provide health care to everyone because it is something all people should care about and recognize as a problem worth solving. Bibliography Patel, K, Rushefshy, M, Health Care Politics and Policy in America M.E. Sharpe, Inc. Armonk, NY, 1995 Kolata, Gina (2000) “A conversation with Victor Fuchs: An economist’s view of health care reform,” New York Times, May 2, Section F; p. 6. Markus, Gregory B. Poltical Science 300 Lecture.

University of Michigan, 27 November 2000.