The Accension Of Tiberius Essay Research Paper

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The Accension Of Tiberius Essay, Research Paper When one examines the accession of Tiberius to his imperial position, one extreme (?) question must be looked at with very open eyes and that is did Augustus want to establish a dynastic government and if so, did he truly want Tiberius to inherit or was it merely that Augustus had no other place to turn. The purpose of the paper is prove? that Augustus’ motives were clear, first, to establish a dynastic government, second, establish Tiberius at the head to the government, third when Germanicus Caesar became of age and auctoritus he would inherit the thrown in at a prime age, thus ensuring that a blood relative of Augustus would be at the head of the imperial family. Finally, Augustus knowingly used Julia as he had for

countless years, as a politcial pawn, in his chess game to ensure impreial rule. To make such claims it is necessary to look at the ascension of Tiberius with very open eyes. Did Augustus conspire with Tiberius to establish a dynastic form of government with Tiberius at the head. This is a point of sum conjecture and well never be answered with the sources that are available. What can be done is an intelligent assessment of the material that is available and from there form an intelligent hypothesis. One such hypothesis is, Augustus knowingly conspired with Tiberius to form a dynastic government or imperial regime. Coming to the inevitable conclusion that Augustus had planned all along, that is with a blood heir in control of the empire. Tiberius represented the metaphorical form

in the road, when it came to the ultimate success of Augustus plans. Was Tiberius meant to rule? If so, was he meant to rule for as long as he did. To come up with a sound hypothesis, it is necessary to separate us from the knowledge of future outcomes. It is difficult to look at the reign of Tiberius with nothing but bias, because all the literary sources of the time are extremely hostile to the reign of Tiberius, with the only notable exception by Paterculus, who offered counterviews to that of a majority of the other authors. Most of the popular ideas concerning the reign of Tiberius originate from Tacitus, namely because of the quality of his work. There is reason to exercise caution when taking Tacitus’ view towards the reign of Tiberius. Tacitus’ opinion is extremely

clear, he was extremely apprehensive about Tiberius. Keep in mind, that this is only an opinion and the annals represent a carefully constructed work of literature that represents his opinions on historical viewpoints. Keeping in mind Tacitus was writing more than sixty years after the death of Tiberius and was relying on information that’s quality, validity or identity could not be assessed. Ancient historians are rarely explicit about the nature of their resources and it almost impossible to assess if the information is based on supposition or fact. This is not to say that we should completely reject Tacitus’ views, but merely view them with open eyes. Only we completely shed our hindsight of the eventual outcome and opinions pertaining to the reign of Tiberius’ reign can

then look at the number of similarities and coincidences between the reigns of Tiberius and Augustus with open eyes. The first example that hints of an imperial conspiracy is the death of Augustus, which has a few interesting points that need to be examined. Tacitus writes that Tiberius was summoned to Nola by his mother, Livia, just before or just after Augustus has died. This in itself is not enough evidence to substantiate our hypothesis, because it is not out of the ordinary. However, what is interesting is that Tacitus’ writes that Livia had taken complete control, to ensure that the situation was managed correctly and that news of Augustus’ death would be issued only when Tiberius and herself were ready (annal I 5). If Augustus had been the champion and crusader of the