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megatechnology has great control over. In years past, it was the courageous activity of counter-cultures, such as the Beats and the Hippies, that strayed from corporate and government control. These groups began to create their own language, form of communication, and perceptions of the world. Bound by similar goals and ideas, these counter-cultures refused to conform to what was considered normality. They ignited the Civil Rights Movement and changed society. Although some were concerned with environmental issues, most of their battles were fought within the anthropocentric realm. Maybe our best fight to preserve wild nature lies in the hands of our youth. The environmental crisis is in need of a modern counter-culture. It needs a generation that could regain power through

autonomy, non-conformity, and a new language. Starting from where their predecessors ended, this new counter-culture would adopt a geocentric view and become the future of the environmental movement. Another major issue that Turner discusses is the effectiveness of different methods of solving ecological problems. I agree with Turner that conservation biology, biodiversity, and preservation seem like short term answers to long term problems. These are science?s quick remedies. At the root of this issue is the philosophical idea that if human technology and control is ruining the environment then more human technology and control will not fix it. Trying to solve ecological problems by artificial means will only add to the problem. No matter how you justify it or disguise it, human

technology and control of ecosystems disrupts the natural order in which the system operates. The environment was fine before we altered it with our pollutants and behavior, so it will only begin to repair itself in the absence of human influence. This is a logical idea that MIT scientists can?t seem to comprehend because they would rather indulge in their "playing God" with nature. Turner believes that we should let nature sort it out. If we just stop conservation biology and the experiments in wilderness labs maybe nature can find its own natural way of returning to homeostasis. Whether or not I accept either solution boils down to the idea of the wild. The "let nature sort it out" solution is decaying fast. Philosopher and deep ecologist George Sessions,

gave the environment twenty years before its collapse. The "let nature sort it out" solution is running out of time. At the same time, Turner can?t predict the future of science and ecological research through the writings of Thoreau and Muir. There is always the undeniable, and yet, unpredictable possibility that science might produce an ecological cure based on chemical compounds. However, implementing chemical compounds into ecosystems and organisms won?t preserve the wildness of an ecosystem. The possibility of a viable techno-wilderness is imaginable, but the wildness of the land, the flora, and the fauna will be lost forever and, I don?t think science can cure that.