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more time without thinking and the power of the strike crushed the whole tube and the cube. I felt like a fool, but worst of all, my destiny of becoming a human 8-ball would fall short. On a more serious note, how did this incident strengthen my values? Well, I looked deeper into this story, and I realized one thing: I try just as hard to fulfil my small dreams as I do my large ones. I put in the same effort day in and day out, and whether it be to break open an 8-ball, or to become a successful stockbroker, my heart goes into everything I do. I am able to build my self-confidence knowing that I have the mind and the heart to accomplish anything I desire. I rarely fail at anything, and it is because I always give what it takes to get the job done. My goal may be challenging, or

almost impossible to achieve. It could be standing in front of me, like a wall, waiting for me to finally push it off balance. As long as the goal is standing, I will pound away for as long as it takes, and I will continue to strive until I knock it down.