The 7 Habits Of Effective Peo Essay

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The 7 Habits Of Effective Peo. Essay, Research Paper The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People A junior manager is exposed to many new experiences and situations in which his decisions are very important to the company that he is working. In order to be a effective worker he, as to open himself to new ideas and adopt a new way of thinking. According to The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. This new level of thinking principle based and character based called the inside-out approach When using the inside out approach you look at issues by starting with the inside part of yourself. Which are your paradigms, character, and motives. In my opinion this is a basic belief in yourself. When Covey talks about private victories are more important than public victories, I feel

that is very true and mainly because you don t have to prove yourself to anyone, if you already know it yourself, other people will recognize your self-confidence and respect and admire that characteristic about you. It s a belief in yourself, you know you can do it and you re the most important person that it matters to. When you know who your are and what you are honest with yourself about what you are capable of doing. It is a personal victory, which builds your self-esteem, which in turn makes you a more effective worker. This will also be reflected from you to your employees. You will be able to make them feel important because you feel important to yourself and they will also be better employees in a sense that they are happy. I feel that this approach is very important

because when you start with yourself, your goals will be successful. As long as you belief in your goal and know what you want, you have it in yourself to make it happen. When facing a problem, you also have to change the way you perceive the problem. When you look at it, basically anyone with a brain can come up with a solution to a problem, but a person that can think can deduce an effective solution to a problem. If you take the problem and analyze it, you will find the foundation of the problem in which the solution needs to be applied. When you perceive the problem to be simple, it usually is not. Your solution may cause another problem. If you know this, your solution will resolve the cause of the problem from the beginning and it won t be dragged through another problem

and so on. Covey suggests the main factor that may be hindering your ability to ban an effective person is your habits. Of course habits can be positive and negative, they are not always known. Habits are consistent patterns that express our character and produce our effectiveness. When you take the time to reflect on what you are doing and why you do theses things, you can pinpoint your weaknesses and your strengths, which can motivate you to change. You can use your strengths to your advantage and minimize your weakness to become a more effective person in the work place as well as in your person lives. The more you interact with people the more you know about what you need to change. With these sort of interaction you will find that becoming interdependent produces the most

effective results especially in the work place. You need to be interdependence because by working together, the results are better. By becoming an effective employee you maximize your productivity in the company. You create a balance in which the production and the production capabilities stand firm. You desire the production for the company and the only way to succeed in this production is through the employees who are the production capabilities. If you treat your employees well, they will treat your customers will because they enjoy their job and are committed to the company and in making it the best as they can? With this commitment, your customers gain your trust and become loyal to your firm. The first habit in which Covey discusses in his book is to be proactive. By this