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The 2nd Amend Essay, Research Paper The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure. -Thomas Jefferson On a cold, miserable day in the North Caucasus, the only one who does not look dismal is Russian General Mikhail Malofeyev. He is dead. His body is flag draped and on open display before a dark stand of pines. He is encircled by his mourning officers clad in hulking, camouflage coats. “Russia Admits Chechnya Losses Growing,” says the news headline. Military body counts since the counting of them began bear little relationship between actual and reported casualties. Russians officially admit to 910 dead since the war restarted in October of 1999. The Russian Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers, who gets

its accounting from soldiers, their families, and military hospitals, thinks that 3,000 is a far more likely figure. Interestingly, NTV, which is a local Russian private investigating network and which reports on military news contradictions, has been kicked out of the military press reporting pool. This Chechan conflict is just another example of an ill equipped militia fighting one of the most powerful militaries in the world to a standstill. This is as it was with the Afghans who were even so primitive that they had to forge rifle barrels in their own backyard furnaces. The Afghani ultimately kicked the Soviet invaders out of their homeland. This was just like the Warsaw ghetto Jews, who kept the murderous Nazi’s at bay for almost a month with only a handful of small arms

before the Jew’s valiant final defeat. History repeats with the citizen patriots of Lexington and Concord, who demonstrated with their blood the power and the purpose behind the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the then new United States of America. The Second Amendment confidently guarantees that We the People will ever remain free. Pro Second Amendment people always talk a good game. But what would happen should Americans ever needed to put this right to arms to the test. There are over 20,000 gun laws on the books. These “laws” include outright bans, registration, confiscation, waiting periods, quotas, and any other abhorrent violation that the ruling class imposes just to probe if Americans can be intimidated into servitude. For note, that test of submission

happened a while back while the citizens slept. The citizens have already been graded, and by the criteria of their forefathers, they have failed miserably. Who are the militia? They consist now of the whole people, except a few public officers… -George Mason “The Second Amendment isn’t about duck hunting!” announces a bumper sticker. It is about Mason’s the “whole people,” meaning all Americans, armed and trained to, if needed, make war against government gone bad. This is rather bold philosophy to be tossed about by people afraid to own militia-suitable arms because the government will not let them. Rather potent bunk for a people afraid to bear concealed arms without the government granting them a permit. Rather absurd that, at election time, the modern minutemen

actually vote for rulers who further undermine citizen rights. Then the modern minutemen justifies this capitulation by indicating what worse horrors the other candidates want to impose. How many hundred million guns are in this country? Almost 300,000,000. How many gun owners? 80 million? And of these, maybe three and one half million at most are members of the NRA, GOA, and all the smaller gun organizations combined. These generally have lots of overlap, as many people tend to hold multiple memberships. Of these few, how many do more than read their magazine or newsletter? How many fewer only occasionally respond to one of the interminable fund raisers?? How many ever get off their rears and do anything at the grass roots level? On a regular basis? That is a laugh. With apathy