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The “Phenomenon” Of Greece Essay, Research Paper Greece is a strange phenomenon the similar of which could hardly be equaled elsewhere in the world. The greatest misfortune of Turkey is that it is condemned to live with that country side by side. When the issue is Turkey, Greece always sees red. When we analyze the feelings of Athens toward Turkey, it is seen that those feelings exceed every criterion of what would be an “enmity “. The presence of the Turk has manifested itself in the behavior of the Greek as a ‘ psychological illness “. In other words, the policy oJthat country regarding Turkey is in a word “phenomenon “, and “ill founded “. That diagnosis may not sound well to the honest people. We art respectful for those people, however, is it possible

to keep a blind eye to the realities, and continue an artificial cordiality when the issue is the dismemberment of the terrorists of a country? It is a fact that though Greece, with its agitations and behaviors exceeds in many issues any limits of toleration, 7tirkiye does not respond to the ugly policy of its neighbor, continuing its sober and warm policy. The frame of the Turkish foreign policy has been drafted by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. That is “Peace at home, peace in the world “. Turkey, in order not to endanger peace, turns a deaf ear to the behaviors of Greece, and some of its other neighbors. However, every endurance and tolerance has a limit. We are going to give the names of 451 organizations active in Greece below. However, their real number is more than 451. What

we will enumerate are only those known. Those organizations after 1974 were founded with the mediation of the Greece governments coming to power. The sole aim for the establishment of those organizations is to “DISMEMBER TURKEY”. Those organizations, are the main source of nourishment of the terrorism targeting Turkey. They helped the murderers of innocent women, children, old people to be accommodated in Greece, and then they send them back to Turkey, giving to them weapons. If we deal with the activities of those organizations one by one, we are required to write at least 3 volumes of books. The time of this endeavor will one day come. We cannot accuse all those organizations and associations as terrorist. The duty given to those not related to terrorism was to propagate

against Turkey and show the people of the country they live as the “occupied Greek territories “. The names of the organizations we will enumerate below in themselves sufficient to understand with which realities Turkey is faced vis-?-vis Greece. THE GREEK ORGANIZATIONS AND ASSOCIATIONS CLAIMING TERRITORIES FROM TURKEY 1. The Foundation of Mediterranean Studies, 2. Akritas Organization, 3. The United International Asia Minor Liberation Front, 4. Bozcaada-Gokceada and Istanbul Refugees Association, 5. Democratic Renewal Association, 6. Research and Studies Centre of Hellenism (KEME), 7. Thracian Falcons-Hellene Spirited Association, 8. Former Istanbul Inhabitants Association, 9. Aegean Studies Association, 10. The Greek League for the Rights and Liberation of the Peoples, 11.

The Smirni Association (Athens), 12. Istanbul-Gokceada-Bozcaada-Eastern Thraet Association, 13. Istanbul Association, 14. The Coordination Committee of the Asia Minor Refugees, 14. The Asia Minor Association, 15. The Coordination Committee of the Struggle of the Asia Minor and Cyprus Peoples (SEALMAK), 17. Asia Minor Research Fraternity, 18. Asia Minor Spartans Association, 19. Northern Cretee Smirni and Asia Minor Association, 20. Northern Greece Istanbul Association, 21. Black Sea Sile Association, 22. The Association of the Relatives of the Lost Greeks, 23. Luridion Association-The Cuhural Association of the Memories of Istanbul, 24. Macedonia-Thrace Imroz Union, 25. The Association for the Preservation of the National Heritage, 26. The Association of the Friends of the Megali