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The 1960S Essay, Research Paper The 1960s Mr. Basiuk is the person I chose for my interview. Rather than immigrating to Canada, Mr. Basiuk was born in Canada, Winnipeg, Manitoba, in 1936. He was educated in high school to the north end of Winnipeg at St. John s Technical High School. He spent two years altogether in grade 10 and 11 then attended five years in the University Of Manitoba and graduated as an electrical engineer. Unfortunately, he was not able to find a job in this profession in this area, and therefore began his career as a teacher; and has been teaching for the last thirty years. Interview Who was in political power and how affective was he in accomplishing his goals? I wasn t really interested nor paid much attention to politics, therefore I cannot answer this

question. What things did you want to see changed by the government? What sort of problems did the government face and how were they solved? I wanted to see the government have more concern for the poor people. Things such as Medicare, OHIP, and pension plans. The government faced many problems, one of the most toughest, I think, was the deep recession occurring in the 60 s. What special events or figures were most significant to you? Name some of the social trends you took part in. Well, I didn t have any hero s or someone to look up to until later on in my 20 s when someone invited me to Montreal to watch a folk singer called Pete Seager. From this time on, I became really dedicated and interested in music and this really influenced my life. I was a teacher than, so I didn t

really take part in social events, yet there was a building north of Jarvis called Yorkville and teenagers would usually gather there to dance and have fun. I would occasionally go to that place. State the differences in fashion from the 60 s and today. Which music group or band did you enjoy listening to? What types of dances did you enjoy? First of all, teenagers and especially woman would wear clothes with more colour and beads. Bellbottoms were in back at that time. There are certain people who wear lots of flowers and turned out to be called the flower power. This name was given because they believed that being “nice” to others would help change the country so they gave many people flowers and asked them to be their friend. I really enjoyed listening to folk music. There

isn t any particular person I really admired for his or her music but originally Pete Seager started my career in music. Hmm… I didn t dance at all. Name the movies you watched that were spectacular and why they were. What were the prices like? Ah, some of the movies I watched were mainly those with Marilan Grandle called On The Water Front, Sword O The Greek. I really enjoyed watching these movies because it gave me time to relax from my work and this was a new movie revolution. I think they were about two to three dollars. What types of haircuts did you have and how would you compare them with today s? What types of food did you prefer eating then, and why? Believe it or not, I had long hair down to my shoulders. I still remember, however, that we all had to wear ties to

school and not any regular t-shirts. I admit they weren t the best haircuts, but I wouldn t say today s are either. The things I mainly ate were perogies, cabbage rolls, and sour crums. The 60 s was the first time they ever ate things that were healthy such as salad, and other vegetables. Usually I would eat meat, meat, and just meat… eheh. What was your philosophy of life? Do you remember any old sayings you can tell me? To do my best for others and respect their thoughts, stay honest, single, and young. I remember teenagers saying things like “don t trust anyone over 30″ and that s what they just did. Everyone rebelled against their parents. I guess there were so many teenagers then ever before since the Baby Boom. Teenagers gained control in the 60 s. Women, also gained