The 1960S Essay Research Paper The 1960s

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The 1960S Essay, Research Paper The 1960s It may have been a decade of a myriad of effulgent paintings and intrepid space excursions, but for most people, resplendent canvases don t come near the mind when someone mentions the 1960s. So just what do we associate the decade with? The most intriguing part of our prior erudition: hippies, flower power, peace, love, drugs, and Woodstock! All of the preceding are the very essence of the 60s in America; all of them had a distinct impact on the world. Presumably the most prominent aspect of the 60s was the evolution of the youthful generation into a powerful strong-minded group of people known as the hippies. Around the late 60s, there was a copious amount of young men and women who were just reaching their late teen years,

re-evaluating their sentiment on important issues. But just what was a hippie? Hippies were mostly young people who were often characterized by long hair and flowing skirts. They had very confident convictions, particularly in regard to the Vietnam War. Because this new generation possessed a blatant loathing for the affect of Vietnam on the country, they rebelled against everything the war was about. This resulted in a shared conception of love, peace, and happiness. They held protests and anti-war love-ins promoting their anti-violence views, unity, and, also, drugs. Previously unmentioned, hippies were also druggies. Dr. Timothy Leary was a drug guru who was much loved for his preaching. He said things such as Turn on, tune in, and drop out and used new pronouns like She and

her to promote gender equality. He brought about a new philosophy that conceived that your state of consciousness is reflected in your environment. Leary had four exercises to a life of expanded intelligence: 1) Look at yourself in the mirror, change your manner of dress and your behavior so that you float like a god, not shuffle like a robot 2) Look around your home and throw out everything that is not tuned in to your highest vision 3) Make your body a temple and your home a shrine 4) You are a god, live like one! As prevalent as hippies were, it astounds many people to hear that there was a subdivision of the group. Yippies, as they were called, were much like other hippies, only more extreme. The yippies were New Left radicals with a no-holds barred approach contesting every

custom of society. Most often, they were hippies irate over the fact that love-ins and peaceful protests weren t accomplishing anything. Yippies did many eccentric things whilst fighting for their opinions so that their issues would procure media attention, thus illustrating to America that there were indisputable quandaries occurring in the country. This invoked more action towards the issue and, often, unprecedented controversy. Many of the crazy occurrences once deemed hippie-actions were, unequivocally, the work of a yippie group. One very active yippee was Jerry Rubin, who appeared before the House American Activities Committee wearing a Santa Claus Suit. Yippies were also pro-drug, only they vocalized their drug-related thoughts loudly enough for the entire world to hear.

There were many speeches written advocating drug use, especially when the issue was marijuana. The authors of such speeches said things like Marijuana makes each person God and It s never my dope, it s our dope, everything for everybody. These words helped illustrate how drugs could unite, which was the primary intent of yippies ubiquitously. One thing hippies and yippies were accountable for was Flower Power. Flower Power was a peace movement designed to contribute to ending the Vietnam War. Hippies, mostly young women, handed out flowers to strangers who walked by. This unfurled the love and respect they retained for other people. However, flowers were more frequently distributed to police officers and pro-Vietnam demonstrators. This showed the love and respect they had for the