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government. Even though the Civil War wasn?t until many years later, this was a sign of internal conflict that could threaten the growth of the country. Part of the reason that there was this internal conflict was that our nation was growing very rapidly, and each area of the country had huge differences. For example I will take political parties. The Republicans were farmers. They wanted a farming nation much like the South was. The Federalists were much different being from New England. They supported industry and manufacturing goods. An example of party differences is that of the Whisky Rebellion. In this the Federalists who were in power at the time past a law which put a twenty-five percent tax on whisky. This angered Republican farmers who turned their grain into whisky. A

full scale revolt came out of this which threatened the ever-changing young country. Another difference was in the people themselves. Many Germans and Irish people immigrated to the United States. The Germans left their country because of their bad government, war, persecution, and because of unemployment. The Germans came to America looking for land, gold, opportunity, and adventure. About 1.5 million German immigrants came to America from 1820 to 1859. The Germans settled in the Midwest because most of them were skilled farmers with enough money to move there and buy land. The Irish, however, were a different story. They left their country for most of the same reasons as the Germans, but they also were having a food shortage because of the Potato Famine. They came to America

looking for a new life. Their journey was terrible because they were poor and unskilled people. Many of them died on their way. The Irish mostly settled in the ports and worked for dirt cheap because they were poor. About 2 million Irish people came to the United States from 1820 to 1859. These different people helped change the new nation. The different people of the nation faced new hardships in their new country. The immigrants could be imprisoned or expelled from the country if the president thought the foreigner was dangerous. This was known as the Alien Act. Another act that disturbed the people was the Sedition Act. The Sedition Act restricted freedom of speech and freedom of the press which was unconstitutional. The Irish were the ones who really had hardships though.

They had to settle right in the port in the town and because they had no money or skills, factories like Lowell Mills and other businesses took advantage of them, making them work for pennies. The Lowell Mill was a cotton factory. Mostly young women whose family needed money worked there, and that was about everybody. They worked 13 hours a day during the summer and from dawn until dusk in the winter. They had 30 to 45 minutes to eat until the bells rang, and they were rushed off. The mill was hot, loud, and very dangerous. In the boarding house six girls were in each room, and two girls had to share a bed. There was no privacy, and the girls had a miserable time. Even though it was almost like slavery it did help the American Economy grow. For all of these reasons the early

nineteenth century was an era of tremendous growth and change for the new nation.