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Supreme Court. There are six judges on the bench for the Court of Appeals and each serve six-year terms. Similar to the Supreme Court they review cases appealed at trial courts. The Supreme Court is the highest court in the state and has nine Justices. Each Justice is appointed by the Governor and serves an eight-year term. Those of us from Iowa have sung the words to the Iowa Corn Song several times in our lives. I was born and raised in Iowa and am proud to live in this honorable state. As you can see, Iowa has always been a progressive state and its people have embraced beneficial changes. Known for its farmland, by midyear 1997 it was worth 10 percent more than the year preceding. This says something about Iowa’s hardworking farmers and indicates strong farm income growth

in the past several years and shows what it is ahead for us. The state of Iowa stresses the importance of education and hard work and rewards Iowans for it. In 1997 Iowa tied North Dakota for the second lowest average annual unemployment rate and has increased its personal income 5% from last year. Not only are more citizens working but also they are improving the quality of life by increasing their income. Students consistently rank first or second in the nation in ACT and SAT scores. These qualities show Iowa’s value of hard work. In return for this hard work the state has reduced personal income taxes by 10% across the board. This means that it will help every Iowa citizen. These reductions make Iowa more competitive and prove fair to all Iowans. This tells Iowans that the

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