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built the world’s first tractor in 1892. Another Iowan Henry Wallace performed several experiments with corn breeding which eventually led him to produce high yielding corn or hybrid corn. The economy this year has been strong in Iowa. Income adjusted for inflation was expected to grow about 2.8% in 1997 and another 1.2% in 1998. According to a Presidential report from Bill Clinton, Iowa business failures have dropped by 33% in the last few years. The State of Iowa’s governmental revenues totaled $7,614.6 million for fiscal year 1997. There are five categories that make up governmental revenue from the state including: taxes make up 61% of Iowa’s revenue, receipts from other entities make 28% of the revenue, 5% is accumulated through fees, licenses, and permits, and 6% is

other financing sources. Iowa’s expenditures in the year 1997 include: 29% in education, 29% in health & human services, 11% transportation, 11% general government, and 20% is other financing uses. With regard to debt, the State of Iowa’s Constitution prohibits the State from exceeding a maximum of $250 thousand general obligation debt without approval by voters. The state did not exceed that debt in fiscal year 1997. The history of education in Iowa shows the first schools were in 1857, the same year the Constitution created a State Board of Education (this was abolished in 1864). School terms at that time were a minimum of twenty-four weeks. The first high school in the State is credited to Tipton. Education is an important part of Iowa and a part we are proud of. We

have one of the lowest adult illiteracy and high school drop out rates in the nation. The most recent U.S. census from 1990 shows the percent of population in Iowa that are not high school graduates is 19.9%. Our students consistently rank at or near the top in college entrance exams. Iowa’s average ACT college entrance exam result was 22.1 in 1997, which is Iowa’s all-time high. This state has more than 400 public school districts, 200 parochial and private schools, three state universities, 50 private colleges, and fifteen community colleges. Public school enrollment has steadily increased. Enrollment in education, kindergarten through twelfth grade was 505,587 in the school year 1996-97. Iowa has also seen growth in public higher education enrollment especially in

community colleges over the last decade. In the are of technology, Iowa is up with the times the latest statistics show that during the year 1996-97 Iowa had 5.9 pupils per computer whereas the national average is ten. The percentage of Iowa school districts with Internet access in this school year is 91.6%. School districts have increased their outstanding obligation from one year ago by 18.6%. A large percentage of the increase is attributed to the construction of new school buildings. If you have watched the movie Field of Dreams you know why several people visit the field in Dyersville that represents “the space that is made for living and working amidst the dreaming.” Or if the movie Bridges of Madison County touched you, you may be one of the many tourists who visit

these famous landmark covered bridges daily. Many bicyclists travel from all over the world to be in Iowa for our annual Registers Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa (RAGBRAI). Which is a ride from the Missouri River at the western border to the Mississippi River at the eastern border, around 500 miles. Every August, Des Moines hosts the annual Iowa State Fair, which consists of food, farm animals, music, contests, displays, entertainment, and other activities. Our fair is so famous Iowa native Phil Stong wrote about it. Will Rogers starred in the first screen production in 1932 and later was turned into a broadway musical which is still being done today. We have several National Parks in this state including Loess Hills and Ledges State Park. Among the many festivals held across

Iowa to honor the heritage of her people is the Pella Tulip Festival. This annual event includes a parade with several people walking in wooden shoes. Pella is a touch of Holland and is known for their Dutch letters and several other pastries. Indianola is famous for their festival as well. Each year they have a carnival followed by several competitions involving hot air balloons. Companies from all over sponsor many of these balloons. Imagine what the sky looks like with hundreds of hot air balloons being launched at the same time to race. The sky is filled with colors and this exciting event brings thousands of people to this small town in Iowa. Iowa is commonly called the rural state, however, this statement is misleading. Most Iowans do not live in the rural countryside or