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nothing like the setting in which I live today. Today, life is very different than it was in the 50?s. However, I kind of enjoyed reading a story based in the 50?s because I got an appreciation of what it was like living back then. Now I can read other stories that take place in the 50?s and be able to understand what is going on.  4. Despite the fact, that I don?t know what it is like to live in the 50?s. I do know that many of the conflicts that occurred within this novel could have happened at any point in history, showing the true timelessness of this story. I can relate to Mark because he always does what he thinks he will benefit from the most. He never plans ahead and he just goes for things that he wants. Now that I think about it, I realize that I want to be more like

Bryon: Thinking things out, and planning ahead. I also think that I relate to Mark or Bryon because I have gone through a point where I had a best friend who was basically the same as me, and unfortunately our friendship deteriorated.