That The Beatles Acclerated The Change In

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That The Beatles Acclerated The Change In Society. Essay, Research Paper Hypothesis: “That the music of the Beatles accelerated the change of society”. By the time the fifties was over the world was looking for a fresh new sound and look in the music industry. It came in the shape and form of four young Liverpoodlians. As John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr (Richard Starky) shook their mop tops and strummed out their new style of Rock ‘n’ Roll, an entire generation stood up and took notice and knew that society would never be the same. And it wasn’t, the Beatles changed everything. During the period of the 1960’s the super group known as the Beatles took total control of a culture, which in some ways had managed to avoid the grasp of

politicians, theologians, philosophers and other pop groups. The Beatles tastes, whims, attitudes and expressions of music were quickly converted into new and fresh hairstyles, trends, clothing, behaviour, social beliefs and rock music itself. Everything you could imagine became some how related to the Beatles, Beatle boots, Beatle haircuts and Beatle slang (gear, fab) just to name a few. If the Beatles wore a particular coat or shirt, grew a moustache, openly adopted the use of drugs or questioned religion, the whole of the rock world would do the same. If they took a guru or abandoned one, gave peace a chance or even did it in the road (Abbey Road), the world of rock took notice and did the same, tried to do the same or just wanted to do the same. The origin of the phenomenon

that became the Beatles can be traced back to 1957. Paul McCartney was picked from an audition for a position in John Lennons then band “The Quarrymen”. Another member of this band was a 15-year-old guitarist, George Harrison. Within a few years, after a number of different drummers and band names, they found a full time drummer, in Ringo Starr, and a full time name with “The Beatles”. The spelling came to John Lennon in a dream “a man in a flaming pie appeared and said you shall be Beetles with an A” he recalled. Shortly after a number one hit was released (I Want To Hold Your Hand) and a string of number one hits was to follow, 20 in all, which included: Love Me Do (1964), Ticket To Ride (1965), Help! (1965), All You Need Is Love (1967), Come Together (1969) and Let

It Be (1970). To prove my hypothesis correct I’ve read through a number of books and other texts to find out as much as possible. I’ve also spoken to many People who grew up listening to The Beatles to see what influence they had on them. I have used the Internet as much as possible, I’ve also devised a survey to give out to people of an older generation, who may have been effected by the popularity of The Beatles, music, trends and way of life. I gave out roughly a dozen surveys to people both male and female with ages that ranged from 30 to 60 plus. Of the twelve surveys I received eight back. Most surveys were completed to a good standard and they gave me a good understanding of the influence that The Beatles had on people of that time. My hypothesis was, “That the

music of the Beatles accelerated the change of society”. After going through my survey responses, the books I found whilst researching and all other information gathered I believe that The Beatles did help to accelerate the change of society. The responses of the first question in my survey surprised me quite a bit, as only six of the eight said that The Beatles played a big part in their growing up, I was expecting a much larger number of respondents. But this small difference in opinion was not nearly enough to stop me feeling that The Beatles accelerated the change of society. This is only a very minute section of the people who grew up with the music and lifestyle of The Beatles. I could have surveyed another group who all may have said that The Beatles played a huge part