That Great Guy Charles Essay Research Paper

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That Great Guy: Charles Essay, Research Paper Charlemagne was born on April 2, 742, and grew up, illiterate, in a place unknown today. Although Charlemagne was illiterate he did speak old Teutonic, Latin, German, French, Spanish, and understood Greek. Charlemagne is best know as ‘Charles the Great’. Charlemagne was 29 when Carloman II, his father, died. Charles then became sole king of France. Two years later he received an appeal for aid against the Lombard Desiderius from Pope Hadrian II. Charles left for was after he received the appeal. When Charlemagne returned to his capital at Aachen he began a series of campaigns designed to round out his empire. This was by conquering and Christianizing Bavaria and Saxony, destroying the troublesome Avars, shielding Italy from

the raiding Saracens, and strengthening the defense of Francia against the expanding Moors of Spain. All of the preceding shows what a strong Christian Charlemagne was during his lifetime. Charles the Great also wanted peace and wellness for everyone (no matter who they were). While Charlemagne was king he legislated for agriculture, industry, finance, religion, and especially education. He wanted as many people as possible to go to school and get any sort of an education. Charlemagne was greatly generous toward the Church. Bishops played a leading role in his councils, assemblies, and administrations. Charles called Bishops ‘Agents of God’. Charlemagne earned his nickname, ‘Charles the Great’, because he has been known to be the most powerful king ever. He also started

the Hole Roman Empire during his reign. The Hole Roman Empire was one of the most brilliant ideas in the history of statesmanship. It was, altogether, the transformation of Charlemagne’s realm into a Holy Roman Empire that should have behind it all the prestige, sanctity, and stability of both Imperial and papal Rome. Charles gave his younger brother, Louis, the privalege of being king in 813. Charlemagne did this because he was really ill. ‘Charles the Great’ then died in 814 at the age of 72. He lived his life as well and as full as he could. Charlemagne, in my opinion, was good at heart. Charles wanted everyone to realize how great God is and always will be. Charlemagne did take power to his head sometimes though, but was still a good person. Charlemagne was also a nice

person to study about.