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is a serious lack of solid proof of his accommplishments, I still feel he deserves the credit he gets and more. It really is a shame that I needed to do this paper just to know who he was. A man of this importance should have his story told in high school, along with the actual problems in mathematics. It would definately give mathematics more personality, and make it a lot more interesting, if we knew more about it’s history. Not just Thales, but everyone important to the development and history of mathematics. 1. Aleksandrov, A.D., Komogorov, M.A, and Lavrent’ev, M.A.— Mathematics it’s content methods and meaning. Volume One. Dorset Press New York; 1990. 2. Boyer, Carl B, A history of mathematics. John wiley and sons; 1989 3. Paulos, alan B., Beyond Numeracy;

Ruminations of a numbers man. Alfred A Knopf New York; 1991 4. Hogben, Lancelot, Mathematics in the Making, Rathbone books limited, london: 1990