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Thailand Prostitution Essay, Research Paper Prostitution Paper The society in Thailand has an up and rising problem that they better look into very quickly, or else the well being of every citizen could be in great danger. This problem is prostitution and it poses almost equally as great of a threat to the nation as would a major war. Millions are dying because of diseases that are being spread through unprotected sex, and millions more are expected to in the upcoming years. There are many certainties in life. One of them is being people will have sex, and people will pay for sex if they need too. Prostitution is a problem that I doubt will ever be able to be stopped, but in Thailand it needs to be controlled, drastically. Well start with the facts. There are 2 million

prostitutes in the country of Thailand ranging anywhere from the tender age of 12 and up. There is just something wrong to me about grown men paying to have sex with a 12 yr. Old. But it s happening, for many reasons. One major reason is the poverty level in Thailand and the willingness of poor families to do whatever it takes to get money. One way being selling their daughters, yes that s right selling the girls to men that go around villages offering 750 dollars for service. The girls then go off to the city to work off the debt, which takes a heck of a lot of work considering the fact that they receive all of about 2 dollars per customer. The girls are taken from their families and brought to the city where they live and work. They live in a room with about ten other girls,

sharing one bathroom. They then will go to work, which requires them sitting in a big room with a bunch of others to be hand picked by the men that they will then please. After the man picks them it s off to there little assigned room, which is about as big as the closet in my bedroom, and about as sanitary as a New York City Sewer. Next are the diseases floating around. Thailand has the highest Aid s level in the world, basically there are more people diagnosed with HIV in Thailand then the rest of the world combined. This isn t dealing with any of the other sexually transmitted that are floating around these days. Millions have died, and millions more are expected to die in the upcoming years if something isn t done about this major problem. When you have sex with a prostitute

in Thailand it is almost as lethal as playing Russian roulette, the chances that you develop a STD are unbelievable. Yet it just doesn t seem to stop anybody from doing it. 1/3 of the hospital beds in Thailand are filled with prostitutes. So what is the government doing about all this? They have started the crack down by doing nightly raids of the operations in the city. But with the overwhelmingly number of operations it almost seems like they are fighting an uphill battle. The wealthier owners are trying to order for monthly check ups for STDs and ordering every client must use protection each and every time. But the thing is these girls are in debt, and not one of them could actually be happy with themselves. When you put these two scenarios together you ll realize one simple

fact; they will do anything for money. How, I just don t understand and probably never will. They have to be fully aware of what s going on, and the risks that they take. But if you don t want to have sex with a condom, all you have to do is look a little harder and pay a little extra money and you ll get what you want. And these girls cannot try to escape these places, if they do they will be caught and some are killed. They are killed to try to teach a lesson to the other girls and what ll happen to them if they try to leave. So this is a very hard reality to face, but there needs to be change. What s going on over there is just not right. To have 12 yr. Olds in the prostitution field is ridiculous, I guess it goes to show what people will do for money, I just wish there were