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development in a country, the higher will the political development go. This holds true for Marx’s sociological model where he says that the economy is the base in the society that affects the superstructure or all the other sectors in the society. Whenever there is economic change, there is also a great chance that all these other sectors will experience change. Second, is the shift to export-oriented industrialization where in the business sector of the government will also affect the democracy of the country. The fact that there is industrialization needs the government to adjust a bit to fit the type of business that they are trying to assume. Third, is the liberalization, privatization and marketization of the economy. When the people in the government want this type of

economy, the government is further democratized to suit the needs of the investors in the country. With all these information given, we can further conclude that Thailand’s political culture is very much a big factor in its success as a country and also in the government. It is very much ideal because of the way that it has affected the peoples life. Though, Thailand has been very quiet with regards to the development of their politics, we can see that it is very successful to the point that it has attained stability in terms of the economy hence the stability in all the other sectors like the society and the government.      Collier’s Encyclopedia; Vol. 22 pp. 230-241 ; ? 1995, P.F. Collier

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