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make it hotter (bluuh) dats sick and sour pile up in the eddie bauer and (plucuh) every hour some of em like that powder pile it up on trains?, dey drain some like that trees or that D and some toot it up it up in dey veins i’m from tha army that came jackin and crackin brains broadcastin live from tha block it’s lil wayne Chorus *Juvenile* Wody u got that yayo *B.G.* then cook sumthin for nigga *Juvenile* Wody u let them k’s go *B.G.* Then bust sumthin nigga *juvenile* Oh u duckin tha law *B.G.* U betta run from em nigga *Juvenile* Oh u playin with that raw *B.G.* Then won’t you front sumthin nigga? *Lil Wayne* Tha block is hot tha block is hot, hot , hot (repeat 3x) *Lil Wayne* See where i’m from my dogs be buzzed out dodging cops and burning blocks and we be thugged

out it’s time to shine ooh this block is on dubs out and they got quarters halfs and birds and runnin out (i got it) its all good in tha hood posin like I live, soon as you get it hot (sceer) there go dem people break up tha block and hit the cut by tha corner store end up in Ms. Taylor back yard (Be Quiet on the porch) Shhh it’s tha spot where soldiers murder off top boy it’s tha spot where they ain’t got nuthin but some hot boys we dont know what be goin on we so blunted from trees we gon be round here all day cause we 400 degreez usually when it get dark nobody be on tha porch but little wody with the scarf she flippin out on that porch just stay in your car and make sure your doors locked cause this ain’t nuttin but war cause the block is zzzhot! *Chorus* *Lil

Wayne* watch yo step on my section gotta walk light talk light dey don shot out all dem street light so u can’t see no big-b lights and we like to dress in all black up in my residence ain’t got on no suits cause we ain’t tryna be presidents and ever since the coke drought dem boys been on the trip dog so u betta watch what ya’ll playin wit cause dem boys will try ta flip ya’ll and hit ya’ll jam ya up and put a gun to ya jug ahh catch a breath now just uhh catch a slug it’s street smarts plently riders dey keep sparks when the heat starts ain’t nobody got sweethearts callin weak shots u can come try ta cheap talk we cut ya week short dem Lil’ boys don’t give a dam go all out fo tha cake wont hesitate to kill a man run in his house duck tape a buster him and

his fam tie em up put em in tha van stick a gat in dey jaws ummuhhh one move blew his cap distance off! *Chorus* *Lil Wayne* Whoop dem people comin cause the block is hot chiggablaaoh bust yo guns because tha block is hot sssssss cook it up cause tha block is hot Say Lil’ daddy hook it up cause tha block is hot (repeat 1x) *Lil Wayne* My block hot nigga my block burnin my block on fire wody what about yours?(repeat 1x) *Lil Wayne* Tha block is hot, tha block is hot, hot, hot (repeat 3x) What!!!