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Texas Revolution Essay Essay, Research Paper Have you ever done something solely to build or save your pride? In the Texas Revolution a strong and proud general named Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna tightened control over Texas in order to repopulate Texas with Mexicans, since the dominating race had become non- Mexicans. This war started out as small isolated clashes, but eventually broke out into full-scale rebellion. In order to end these frequent revolts, Santa Anna led his several thousand Mexican troops into the rebel-controlled San Antonio in February of 1836. The 187 Texas rebels fought off Santa Anna?s repeated attacks, but on March 6, the Mexican troops finally overran the fort. Santa Anna?s troops, who suffered over 1,500 casualties, paid a large price for their

victory. Not to mention that 6 weeks later the Texas army came back killing over 630 Mexicans within 20 minutes and taking their only general, Santa Anna as prisoner. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna strongly believed that the percentage of Mexicans should be the dominant population. When he found out that the non-Mexicans highly out numbered the Mexicans, he rushed to tighten the control, and close the borders over Texas. He tried to do everything in his power to stop the Texans from earning their independence and becoming a non-Mexican dominated state. The Texans strongly desired their independence and freedom from the Mexicans. This left them only one choice, to be persistent. They didn?t let one loss pull them down, they came back for a surprise attack on the Mexicans, leading

them to their both their freedom and independence. I believe that General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna started the Texas Revolution solely to gain power over the Texans and build his own pride. To take thousands of Mexican troops into a war and have more than 1,850 casualties; over a war that could have been stopped or resolved at the beginning when the first isolated attacks began! This shows me that there obviously was an immense pride issue, with both Santa Anna and the Texans. In conclusion, The Mexicans started and won the first battle, dominating the war. Although, the Texans came back 6 weeks later to redeem themselves and take home both their freedom and independence from the Mexicans.