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Texas Instruments Essay, Research Paper Texas Instruments Inc. Texas Instruments began its corporate life in 1930 as a company called Geophysical Service, which was a petroleum-exploration firm founded by a couple of eager men by the names of Dr. J. Clarence(”Doc”) Karcher and Eugene McDermott. They used seismology to find oil. It entered the defense electronics business during the 1940’s and performed contracts for the Army and Navy Signal Corps. The company’s name changed to Texas Instruments in 1951 and bought the rights to manufacture the germanium transistor in 1952 from a similar company by the name of Western Electronics for the astronomical price of twenty-five thousand dollars. Geophysical service soon became a subsidiary. This sale was ideal for this growing

company. The transistor made possible the portable transistor radio and set the stage for the modern age of electronics. In 1960 another milestone was reached. The company had introduced its first commercially available integrated circuits (also generally known as semiconductors, or chips). In the early 1970’s, the company developed a single-chip microprocessor, and introduced a four-ounce portable calculator, which was pretty bulky for that day and age, but was impressive for them at that time. Later in the decade the company began marketing an electronic watch that sold for about twenty dollars and a home computer. Up to that time Texas Instruments was doing very impressively, but the early 1980’s was generally disappointing, as the company lost share in both semiconductor

and consumer electronics markets. But in the late 1980’s they introduced the world’s first quantum effect transistor and they formed a joint venture with Acer Inc. to manufacture advanced semiconductors in Japan. With these new products and ventures in addition with a new campaign and a re-emphasis on its semiconductors, business brightened the company’s prospects by the beginning of the 1990’s. Texas Instruments is a leading maker of electronics and electrical equipment for both industrial and consumer markets. The company is best known for being a world leader in the manufacture of semiconductors. In the late 1990’s, Texas Instruments was putting less weight on its traditional DRAM (dynamic random access memory) business. Instead it was putting more weight on their

digital signal processors (DSPs), which are very fast single-purpose microprocessors. For example, in cell phones DSPs reduce the distortion of the audio signal. Texas Instruments is also going forward with new technology that will put clearer, sharper images on televisions and computer monitors. Similar to other companies, Texas Instruments is getting rid of noncore business, rather they’re concentrating on semiconductors and its latest technologies. Texas Instruments would definitely be seen or used on a daily basis by the average human being. Whether it was being used to communicate, calculate numbers, drive a car, or by looking at a computer screen. This super progressing corporation is always in use. Besides the minor slump of the early 1980’s, this company is showing

much promise in their dedication to the public to keep putting newer and better products out on the market. If evaluating a graph of their closing prices in the stock market for the last five years one would see a steady incline in the yearly stock value. So all long term investors would see a reliable stock to invest their money in. Texas Instruments is a very international organization that relies much on international operations for its revenues and profits. Two-thirds of Texas Instrument’s staff and half of its 44,000 employees come from out side the United States. Japan and Singapore are among the company’s biggest markets. Although the recent decline in the stock value in the past months because of the crash in the Nasdaq, judging by their long term performance I would