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Tess, Who Is The Villian Essay, Research Paper In any story dramatic situations occur. In most of these stories the main character is affected by one or more characters, situations and or society, which later on influences the mind of the main character. When the mind and thinking process of a character or person is altered than consequences begin to happen, to that character and others who make close contact with that character. These types of dramatic stories will always have a villain and a hero. These roles might be presented by psychological ways or by physical ways. In other words, the evil character might be doing the damage mentally, or by physically bringing harm to another character. When the villain has struck the person they have targeted it would seem that the

victim is the villain, by the other characters (society), hence, so does the audience. The novel Tess Of The D Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy, which ran from July to December 1891, portrays the mind of two classes; upper and lower, and the way in which western society (old England) viewed a villain in a dramatic situation. Thomas Hardy uses a variety of narrative techniques in order to convey his own impressions of society in which both he and his character Tess lived. Thomas grew up in Higher Bock Hampton, and was greatly influenced by the upper class but also had connections with the lower working class. This connection changed the way he viewed societies moral beliefs. He felt that he was part of neither of the classes and depicted this in the novel through the characters. In

this novel there are three main characters, Tess Durbeyfield (Mrs. Clare), Angel Clare, and Alec D Urbervilles. Tess is the center of attention with all the emotions and consequences evolving around her. The question of who the villain really is arises and can the villain be said to be one-person alone? Alec and Angel are two men that fall in love with Tess, but not both are in love with whom she really is. Alec seems to see Tess as an object to feel free and play with. He never considers what she is going through and her feelings. Instead he helps himself to a bit of Tess. He only thinks about what he wants, and his background can prove this. He grew up in the Upper Class of England, and basically got what he wanted. But what makes him think this way? Either it s his personality

or his money. This puts a bad side to Alec, and not only does he not consider others feelings but also lies, and knows he is lying. This is proven through what he says Let me put one little kiss on those Holmberry lips, Tess, or even that warmed cheek, and I ll stop- on my honour, I will! Seduction before the rape. This is said while he starts to speed up while on the way to his house. He continues to attempt to kiss her and eventually does, which outrages Tess. Even after this kiss he still continues to try and talk her into getting on with him. This breaks the honour he said he has. Meaning he isn t honorable as well as a liar. However further on Alec seems to be more of a giver than a taker. On Angel s side of the story there is confusion. At this point he may seem like the

villain however Angel does more harm to Tess than anyone else. Angel falls in love with her truly and deeply, however what he does later on contradicts this love. Thinking that the pre-marital sex between Tess and Alec was bad enough, the audiences are introduced to another case of love , this time with Angel Clare. This love turns Tess into a heart broken women and Angel as a corrupted man. Angel was bought up on the other side of town to the D Urbervilles, but still had some of the qualities as Alec. Angel unlike Alec, believed in religion and was a catholic, however he chose to walk away from his religion to work on a farm in ______, and become a farmer. Different views on the topic arise and the truth may not seem to be the truth at all but a collection of ideas put into one,