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real feelings by denouncing the PLO and PFLP activists to the authorities and occasionally even helping to round them up. The Chairman’s primacy within the PLO had been seriously compromised due to the secret negotiations that had led to the September 13, 1993 agreement with the Rabin government. The relationship with the masses that the charismatic Arafat had enjoyed was diminished by the concessions he gave to Israel. (World Book, PLO) In modern day politics, he remains a symbol of Palestinian nationalism, as does the PLO. However, he faces much opposition. On the left, various socialist groups think Arafat is too, close to business and banking interests and too willing to negotiate with Israel or cooperate with America. The Islamic groups on the right of the political

spectrum feel the PLO is too willing to cooperate with socialists, as well as too willing to negotiate with Israel. They feel there should be a united Palestine where Jews could live but which would not be governed by Jews. The largest of these groups is called HAMAS, the Islamic Resistance Movement. Several Palestinian radicals have their own military organizations such as Abu Nidal. Nidal is violently opposed to the PLO for what he sees as its moderate positions. He has carried out airplane bombings, attacks on civilians, and has attempted to assassinate Arafat on numerous occasions. He opposes any negotiation with Israel, and is speculated to be funded by the Iraqi government. In recent events, Yasser Arafat has decided to scrap the anti-Israeli section of the PLO charter

calling for its destruction. Some have said that this is due to Israeli pressure in the peace process, which demanded the change before new talks and settlements. Shimon Peres has called it the “most important ideological change of the century”, but it is sure to upset the Islamic fundamentalists, and those in the PLO who desire a completely pro-PLO solution. While there is so much contention and opposition to PLO decisions, the PLO cannot be called the sole representative of the Palestinian people, although it has a large following. (Hudson, 200-221) It is evident that terrorist acts are committed for various reasons. Some terrorist groups support a particular political philosophy. Other terrorist organizations represent ethnic groups such as the PLO seeking liberation from

governments in power. Dictators use violence to frighten or eliminate their opponents. They believe the threat or use of violence to create fear is the best way to gain publicity and support for their causes. Generally, terrorists attack people who oppose or object to their causes, which symbolizes opposition. Common victims of terrorist kidnappings and assassinations include diplomats, business executives, political leaders, judges, police, and innocent bystanders. Terrorists also attack churches and synagogues, oil refineries, and government offices. At other times, terrorists simply choose any target certain to attract media coverage, a prime example of this would be the Centennial Olympic Park bombing in Atlanta. As the world makes a transition into the new millennium, it is

crucial that all nations ban together to fight against the increasingly violent and destructive actions of terrorists. 319