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the group structure for many if not all terrorist organizations: I. Command II. Active cadre III. Active supporters IV. Passive Supporters I. Command – the leadership, makes policy and plans while provides general direction. II. Active cadre – the terrorists, responsible for carrying out the mission of the organization. III. Active supporters – largest internal group and most important. They keep terrorists in the field by providing safe houses, intelligence, logistical needs, and maintain communications channels. IV. Passive supporters – difficult to identify and characterize, represent a favorable element of the political climate. Most people think that most terrorist acts are taking people hostage. This is not the case. Only 2 % of all terrorist acts are hostage

situations. The most acts terrorists participate in are bombings; they account for 46% of terrorist acts. The rest of the numbers are like this; attacking – 24%, assassinations – 10, highjacking – 12, kidnapping – 6. These figures were accumulated from 1963-1993. Some may ask, what do people do to stop terrorism. The most recognized form of counter-terrorism is the; The Naval Special Warfare Development Group, formerly known as SEAL Team SIX and based in Dam Neck, Virginia. They are responsible for US counter-terrorist operations in the maritime environment. The NSWDG trains in both military and civilian facilities, their motto was “Train as you Fight, Fight as you Train.” The members of NSWDG are trained hard in every aspect one can take. They know how and what to do

before they do it and their training takes after their motto. In the past terrorist acts were mainly just bombings, highjackings or attackings of some sort. As we move toward the millennium, we face a technological era. All most every main city in the world is controlled and depends on computers and linked information. The terrorist age will change to adapt to what we are most vulnerable to. If a terrorist can threaten us by shutting down electronically dependent devices which we need to survive. They will not assassinate or bomb as much because the public will have a better understanding of how to prevent it. Terrorism in the past years has been politically motivated, in the future; it will be religiously motivated. This might cause a major problem in the future because each

year more and more people create or advance a religion to suit their liking. They now will have a sense of what is supposed to be right and will do anything to get that across. Terrorism will never end; it is up to the human race to be better educated in the subject and to make the right decisions. 31a