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German based group which originated in the 1960’s. Their ideology is a combination of theories from both Marx and Maoism. The result is a commitment to armed struggle. The group announced that it would end it’s terrorist activities in 1992. While the group was active they engaged in bombings, kidnappings, assassinations, robberies and has targeted both German and American governments. They were even bold enough to attempt to assassinate the head of NATO, Alexander Haig. The RAF has several hard-core cadres that carry out their terrorist missions as well as a large civilian following that spreads the groups propaganda. The group has survived over the years despite the repeated capture of it’s highest ranking members. The RAF has ties with several middle eastern terrorist

factions and a very strong tie with GRAPO of Spain. They are attempting to destroy western capitalism and promote world wide Marxism. -The True Teaching of Aum/Supreme Truth of Aum is a Japanese based faction that was formed in 1987 by Shoko Asahara. It was recognized as a religious group in 1989. It was headquartered in a small farming village near the base of Mount Fuji. It contains five branches scattered among 130 sites. It’s membership is estimated 10,000 in Japan, 30,000 in Russia and about 100 in Manhattan. They practice a doctrine of Hinduism and Buddhism and they follow a goddess named Shiva, lord of destruction and regeneration. They believe the world will end some time in 1997. They were the group responsible for the sarin gas attacks on Tokyo metro systems that hurt

thousands. The groups current leader Shoko Asahara was arrested. 5)Some would say that terrorism is a valiant deed, the ultimate sacrifice for ones cause, the only thing that a terrorist sacrifices is the lives of the innocent, the terrorist is a butcher of human rights. Others would also say terrorism is an act of retaliation, well two wrongs don’t make a right. If a terrorist organisation responds to a terrorist attack against themselves with another act of terrorism, what do you think the other groups response will be? This situation is currently occuring in Great Britain, the Irish accuse the English of something and act, the English deny it and accuse the Irish of commiting unwarranted attacks and responds. This conflict has been raging for years and no end is in sight

since the ceasefire was broken. What if a developing nation has no resources or commodity to trade to the rest of the world, wouldn’t you take foriegn hostages to make enough money to feed your country? I believe that foriegn countries would rather help to solve the crisis before it reached the stage where terrorism would be put into effect. Negotiations prior to the problem’s begining could benefit both sides of the table. 6)Three case studies that would provide further insight into the world of terrorism would be: -The FLQ’s affect on Francophone relations with the rest of Canada. Did the kidnapping and assassination of government officials gain anything? Did it actually hurt Quebec’s dealings with English speaking Canadians or was it neccesary? How long did the FLQ

remain active and how many members did they have? Did the Front de Liberationd pour Quebec have the people of the province behind them? -The IRA has been battling for it’s freedom for years. Does each bomb they place bring them closer to freedom or does it push their goal further apart? Would peaceful negotiations reach their goal faster or is violence their last resort? Finally is freedom worth that much? Thousands of lives have been lost over a grudge between nations, could it all have been avoided with a little bit of equality? -Japanese religious cults have even less mercy than the brutal terrorists of the west. Can you blame a terrorist when his actions are being influenced? Should religious cults be shut down before they reach the terorrist stage? Chemicals used to make

bombs and gas like sarin could be marked in the manufacturing stage, could this avoid the entire probleb? 7)Terrorism is a terrible deed, sometimes committed in the name of a not so terrible cause. I feel terrorists use their cause to gain the sympathy of the people, the masses can add to success of a terrorist groups cause. Compromising values to achieve a goal is wrong, many terrorists act because their human rights were disturbed, what are they doingwhen they take hostages? Sometimes the cause is good but the method is always wrong if terrorism is resorted to. 319