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global range of actions, but is basically striving for the same goals and also has ties to middle eastern nations. Another group banded with Saudi Arabia is The Tigers Of The Gulf. It is highly secretive and little is know but it is anti-American, and it is aided by Saudi Arabia. 4.Terrorists use a broad spectrum of methods to get their jobs done. Most of them either gain recognition for the terrorists cause or throw a kink in someone else’s plans, this would usually further the terrorists cause, for example assassinating a rival political leader would give your leader a better chance. Assassinations by terrorists are usually aimed at someone in the spotlight that the media will react to. It is also often a member of the terrorists rival or someone close to him, like the

assassination of the Czar and his family in Russia. Guerrilla warfare is also considered an act of terrorism, this would almost classify the Vietnam war as a terrorist’s war. Bombing is also a preferred method of destruction used by many terrorist groups, at the front of these is probably the IRA. Bombs leave little evidence and a large margin for error. Hijacking and kidnapping are also strong ways for terrorists to make demands and gain money. Kidnapping can be used to push the buttons of influential people and hijacking works as kidnapping with an escape route. Both of these are often used to trade the hostages for the freedom of imprisoned group members. Threats and propaganda are also widely spread by mainstream organizations. 5. International terrorists don’t care about

police jurisdiction, but it does make a difference. Committing a crime in one country may have altogether different punishments than those of a different country, as the boy who was caned in Singapore found out all too well. The internationally renown guerrilla troop and terrorist, Carlos The Jackal, was captured and arrested on bomb related charges. He is from Venezuela but has caused trouble in several countries and they all want his hide. France is the lucky country that gets to punish him because he was captured and convicted in France. The criminal is charged in the country that he commits the crime in, they often seek citizenship in foreign countries to gain protection, much like the two men in Canada that are wanted by Bangladesh for committing murders. Both men are now

Canadian citizens and refuse to return because they fear they will not have a fair trial. Canada has to make a decision now on whether to honor The Country of Bangladesh or to honor the rights of the two men. 6.Every country has some degree of terrorist activity, be it large or small. The Middle East seems to be a hot spot for terrorist activities, maybe due to many of the nations’ roles in hiring terrorists to join their side than to perform dirty work for that government. There are also many disgruntled minorities that use terrorism as a way to get what they want. Japan has it’s own problems with cult-religious groups that resort to terrorist acts. These groups are often related to suicide bombers and such, kind of a modern day kami kaze. Areas of Europe also suffer from

high rates of terrorist activity, many stemming back from the territorial and religious disputes of times long ago. Monarchy seems to be the enemy of the majority of European terrorists. The States also gets its share of terror, some domestic but much from overseas, their policies help keep the levels low. More people die in bath tub accidents than from terrorism in the States. Canada is even scathed by the knife of terrorism. The FLQ was Canada’s most dominant and violent terrorist group, though short lived they created a stir in Francophone relations with the rest of Canada. 7.-The Shining Path is a highly organized terrorist group with coordinated tactics, but a low violence level. Their leader, Abimael Guzman, was captured by the Peruvian government. Guzman’s capture has

lead to the re-election of the countries’ president Alberto Fujimori. -The Provisional Irish Republican Army(IRA) is active in Northern Ireland but carries out it’s actions in Great Britain. They often rely on bombs to get their point across, their main goal is the independence of Ireland from Great Britain, and the unification of Ireland. The Northern Irish(IRA) want freedom and independence for themselves and their Protestant religion while the Southern Irish don’t want to leave and wish to remain united with Britain. The IRA was falsely accused of being hand in hand with the Nazi’s during the war. The IRA does have ties though, they are allied with the Irish political party Sinn Fein which handles the groups political affairs and negotiating. -The Red Army Faction is a