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have some type of mind control on their followers. Some countries don’t bother negotiating with terrorists. They take a stance where if the terrorist asks for a million bucks they get squat. The United States has a policy that is meant to deter terrorist-acts, no negotiations, no mercy. 2) My position on this topic is anti-terrorism because terrorism is an unethical method of gaining money or stealing publicity for a cause. Terrorists are bullies that prey on the fears of the innocent. They drag women and children into their wars with little concern for the lives that they shatter. They get what they want by endangering the people that their enemies are responsible for. The threat of a terrorist bomb is as petty as black mail. Terrorists don’t need to resort to violence, they

should negotiate first. If they are a developing country crying for help, they should use the media to get the word out. I am sure that foreign countries would rather lend a hand rather than dealing with terrorists. Terrorists are wrong because they target the defenseless, they cause fear, death and destruction among the public and if they’re not fighting for a cause, their motives are probably greed. Terrorists may not directly kill millions of people, but the spark that started many wars came from a terrorists match, foremost the assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand. 3) Seven important questions that could adequately describe terrorism are: 1. What police groups are involved in preventing international crime? 2. Do governments give in to the demands of terrorists? 3. Do

certain countries and their governments endorse terrorist activities? 4. What methods do terrorists use and what do they accomplish? 5. Where are felons tried for committing international crimes? 6. Which countries are heavily troubled by terrorist acts? 7. What are the names, leaders and methods of prevalent terrorist groups globally? 4)Information answering the seven preceding questions: 1. Most countries have their own agencies for dealing with terrorism, but one global force that deals with terrorist activities is Interpol. Interpol is a global police agency that links the police forces of the world. They trade information and relay suspect information amongst each other. This makes it difficult for hijackers landing in foreign countries to get away. Interpol relays messages

through a central intelligence system that filters down into the systems of each countries police stations. By sharing information and man power international crime becomes less appealing to criminals thanks to interpol. Peru has a new anti-terrorist directorate called Dincote. General Maximo Rivera Diaz has established this new ?Delta? force to shut down the terrorist activity of the Shining Path in Lima. Prior to it’s break up, Russia had virtually no terrorist problem because of the efficiency of their secret service, the KGB. Now that the former Soviet Union is in shambles, terrorism in Russia is becoming more evident. 2. Depending on the severity of the case governments must make a decision on handling affairs with terrorists, pay them, hold out or send in an anti-

terrorist group to neutralize the situation. One country that stands out from the rest is The United States of America. They stand by a policy that does not give terrorists what they want, which would divert greedy terrorists from the States. Clinton began a harsh anti-terrorist bill as a result of the Oklahoma bombing. He wishes to make terrorism a priority among the police and other crime fighting agencies such as the FBI. He wishes to accomplish this by giving these forces the best surveillance equipment and crime fighting tools available. A chemical applied to all bomb making chemicals would make bombs apparent at airport check points and would cut down on hijacking. He also wishes to bar products from countries that endorse terrorism. 3.Terrorists and governments

occasionally work hand in hand. Algeria brought in large sums of money by housing terrorists. Hamas is terrorist group working in the Middle East. It was formed in 1987. They conduct attacks on Israeli military and civilian groups, disrupting politics and causing explosions. The group is large, with thousands of sympathetic supporters. They also receive aid from Saudi Arabia and Iran. The Palestine Islamic Jihad is a similar group working in the Middle East. They act to form an Islamic Palestinian State and to destroy Israel through a ?Holy War?. Their strength is unknown but they have been linked to Syria and Iran. The Palestine Liberation Organization(PLO) has been around since 1969. Yassir Arafat became the chairman and still holds the position today. This group has a more