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its property and would let it go unanswered. The US hoped to gain a state of peace by not getting “the last laugh,” and would let the criminal investigation against Bin Laden stay a non-military one. On an early Tuesday morning, many families arose for another typical day. Unaware of a nearing attack, they carried out their daily routine. This attack however was not by Americans. In current unfolding evidence, we have learned that Usama Bin Laden, along with other terrorist organizations and countries had planned an attack on the United States that would once and for all, shatter our state of well being, and crumble our economy. This planned attack would penetrate our aeronautical safety, and destroy our financial and political monuments. Four aircraft belonging to American

and United Airlines (two from each airline), were to be used in an attack that would forever change society as we knew it. Around 8 am, aircraft would depart from, Boston Logan, and Newark airport for the last time. Just under an hour later, each aircraft would be hijacked and flown by the hijackers towards Washington D.C. and New York City. The aftermath would be the loss of thousands of lives, and the destruction of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, damaging of the Pentagon, and an aircraft lost in a field outside of Pittsburgh, Pa. Admittedly, there is a bias in the review of the war between the Arab terrorists and the United States. Not only am I partial as an American, but Americans wrote the articles from which my information was drawn. Although the information

tried to cover both sides of the argument, “the winners have written history.” Americans since the early twentieth century have manipulated eastern society. Their military and political hand has stretched over many countries, enraging its citizens and causing them to fight for their rights. The United States is unfortunately blind to its actions, and continues to influence their society. From years of back and forth bombings (terrorist attacks, and US retaliation), the United States has become the “Lebanon,” and the Arab nations, the “Israel.” Although some may debate which role the United States may take on, one must look at why the United States is perceived as the “bad guy” and what motives the terrorists have had for destroying it, and its allies. 319